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Message to all major armies that hate uma/Mass Recruition

This is a message to all cp major armies that hate uma. We have risen deal with it. Fiddyy isn’t even in uma :roll:. I get really tired of retarded people thinking that (not saying names [Matre,Luc]). There eather 1 of 2 things, blind or retarded possibly both… And to all the other armies uma has helped you. Your going to listen to acp (they’ve been so nice over the years).



11:30 a.m. pst
12:30 p.m. mst
1:30 p.m. cst
2:30 p.m. est
6:30 p.m. uk time (england)

So yea

8 Responses

  1. I think you may need to put the day into the times for the mass recruiting day.

  2. CPL is invading UMA tomorrow at 8pm est. We have givin you more than 24 hour notice. Click here for details. http://cplarmycp.wordpress.com/2010/07/11/invasion-of-mittens/ This invasion has nothing against UMA. At the end I wish for us to become allies. Thanks

    ~Panthers Bas CPL Leader

  3. Whew.

  4. wen, make it friday!

  5. grounded for a week 😦 cant be there

  6. I’m sorry but the reason why we hate you is because some of your members act like fags.

    Well, you banished me on chat and you scammed on of my friends. Why would we like you then?

  7. Im in ice warriors u dont really care what u do plus acp is fat jerks they are so pwoer hungry trying to win the nacho empire but tg ice warriors defedning nachos server with nachos kicked acp butt


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