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Derek: Im not being lazy, I have xat blocked and I cant chat on umaofcp.com/chat or umacommandcenter because im not logged in and I still cant visit xat.com/login


Note: Whoever makes the 100th comment on this post will be owner/mod for a day on chat.

Hey guys sorry for being inactive lately and I still probably will be inactive for the rest of the summer (XD). I just came on chat and saw how lazy and little we have become. UMA is basically leaderless because Wgfv’s computer has crashed and Derek is being lazy. Since there’s only 2 leaders I’m appointing Joe back as a leader and I am making Bobby a temporary leader to fill the space for G. No I’m not demoting G, I’m just putting an extra leader since G isn’t here and once he comes back Bobby will resume his rank as 2ic. Now you might say “Who gives this f*g the right to decide things?” Well I am a Chief Advisor and plus UMA is in a time of need so somebody has to do SOMETHING. Also just to point out that when I created the Chief Advisor rank 2 years ago this is how I thought of it:

Chief Advsior: A rank given usually to a retired leader who came back (like me) or a very trustworthy soldier (ex: Shadow2446). This rank isn’t a soldier rank but has a good amount of power in the army. The Chief Advisor advices the leaders and high officials (obviously) but also gets emergency powers in a time of need (such as now). When in a time of need the Chief Advisor has the power to pick new leaders and fire leaders (I’m not firing anybody so don’t worry). Remember these are only in emergencies so when UMA is dying because of a bad leader good ol Chief Advisor will fire him/her. (This is why Chief Advisors are main owner/admin on chat/site).

Me picking 2 new leaders won’t really help that much but it is help atleast. Just try to survive and be as big as you possibly can until G comes back would ya UMA?

Bobby’s edit: We need to get on chat. I am at est time zone and at noon we had 1 person online; explo’s freaking bot. We need to start using the chat for what it is made for. There will be a recruiting session, look at my post, u have to scroll down a little. But we need to use the chat more and recruit more!

2 Responses

  1. I lose! 😀 btw, prepare for flooding by the same people


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