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It’s over.

My final song.

This is going to my last post in CP armies. I had a great time here, but to be honest, who even wants me here? No one does. Every thing that I have created before has just turned against me. People who were my friends for years have given up on me. I make an army and they don’t even want to join. Wow, thanks, really compassionate after getting me kicked out of all my armies. There’s something that’s pretty about armies. When you get the leader of an army says something nasty about you, the whole army will go against you. That’s my case right now and right now I don’t even really care about this any more. Put it this way. No one no longer wants me any more, so why should I want to be here? If you can answer that, maybe I won’t retire.


13 Responses

  1. I luvz joo.

  2. im not uma but i hear that u were a great leader and ill join if u want

  3. Wow, you’re leaving as soon as UMA is hitting hard time? It’s either a terrible coincidence or it says a lot.

  4. Ganger if UMA is treating you like crap, GT still wants you. Over the time people wondered about you, asked about you and obssesed over you. Some people may or may not want you, but a crap load do. You always had something to fall back on. Like I said before, time heals wounds. What happened in the past is over. Do you want to make better memories for the future?

  5. ganger u belong here dont leave

  6. Ganger is right. Once your leader, theres no purpose in armies unless you created the army! You slowly or majorly lose respect and your own friends turn against you due to you becoming a leader. The way to know a true CP army friend is when their with u ’till the end. Ganger, im not going to make you stay in UMA, or tell you GT is your home. Neither is, WCP is. You created it and if I was still in CP armies and u recreated it, I would join in a heartbeat. The armies you create are most likely the ones you care for most.


  7. What?? I have been on chat for ages seeing u online and we didnt do w.e

  8. Ganger its your Pimp-Master-General Jd. I’m here to tell you that if you retire, You are no longer my bottom bitch, a great honor (to me). So don’t retire and be on chat more often.


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