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Invasion of Frozen IS OFF/ New Posting Rules


Hey guys it’s g. Golden Troops think they can just take Frozen and make it their capital. Golden Troops are going to invade Ice Warriors for it. I think uma needs to help the Ice Warriors. So here you go. BE THERE OR BE DEMOTED. DO NOT DELETE THIS POST.









UK: 6 PM

Comment Below If You Can Make It


Ok then on a different topic. I’m tired of people posting 5 words or less on a post. GUYS TO AVOID US LOOKING LIKE RETARDS, next time you need to do something just edit with a “/example of title here” on the post from that current day. Seriously I want one post a day.Ok be at the invasion or demotion.



16 Responses

  1. Fuck it will i fight GT. I’m With GT.

  2. Also since I’m not on the site I can’t post this but I still want to say this to everyone on the site: STOP STICKYING ALL YOUR GOD DAMN POSTS. Seriously it gets really annoying and then you just see a pointless 5 word post (as wg pointed out) at the top of the site and then like 4 posts below it theres some important invasion one. And if you really need to sticky the post then un-sticky it after a week or less.

  3. Those GT Bitches think they can invade Frozen?!?!?! NO I will be there for UMA 😀

  4. sry about the post i ‘made’ that was in the trash then someone posted it -.-

  5. yeah I can

  6. possibly

  7. It’s a 1 on 1, GT Vs. IW…..No allies…?

  8. can do.

  9. Hello, Underground Mafias Army! My name is KyL. You were recently added to my army news website found at: http://www.clubpenguinarmyplace.wordpress.com Please visit us often and thank you for your time!

  10. xD Its 1 on 1. If Uma comes, Gt wins.

  11. Guys ice warriors are there too.. Jeez read up one your current events guys

  12. And guys btw yes its wgfv my wordpress name is now teh moose xp

  13. No offence, but are you retarded?

    First of all, IW is invading Frozen from GT. ACP got it from IW a few weeks ago, and ACP gave it to us as an attempt to get us to fight on their side of this war. You can see the links below.
    ACP Getting Frozen: http://cpacentral.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/acps-invasion/
    ACP Giving it to GT: http://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/frozen-back/

    IW just want’s it back, and now that we have it, they’re invading it from us.

    Also, if you help IW, you’ll actually be hurting them. No allies in this battle, so if you try to help, IW automatically is disqualified, and we win.


    Edit: needs moar understandableness languages

  14. Look if we want a war theres plenty of easier targets. Turn up and we win.

  15. Please forgive me, and understand. I cant come because something urgent poped up and i cant tell. 😦 Sorry, please dont demote me, it wasnt my fault that this happened.


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