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Invasion in the name of the Socialist Empire

Neos: Ik this is a little pointless to be on this post, but we are getting a little bigger i find. This is a pic(it was taken during an unscheuduled event):

My Fellow UMA the Corrupt fascist Scum known as DCP has been repulsed from the Motherland and now we can begin the drive into the heart of the DCP empire itsself! The European UMA have already begun the offensive led bye the glorious general JB but soon UMA I will be committing the entire UMA Nation’s armies into the DCP homeland. Also this has been discussed and is now the main reason for this war DCP claims so much in land size and strength but such as getting 27 people at battles? UMA these claims are false and you know it Alfrondo their leader says they get no more then 13 they only get so big in some events is because if you bring 13 ppl on CP and noones opposing you ofcourse your army size will increase into the 20’s. But now back to the main topic crack the Shell of DCP and it’s dead and hollow inside like their corrupt system of government which is why UMA we have taken it upon ourselves with permission from all the UMA leadership to turn all DCP servers into one big colony called Area 17 Summit the supposed capitol of DCP is now the capitol of Area 17.  But this war is far from over UMA we must now crush the DCP into submission and we will not accept any peace unless DCP is willing to meet our terms only.  Now UMA we begin the conquest and conversion of DCP land into Area 17 with the invasion of Slushy!

Server: Slushy, Town

Date: Monday, September 6th, 2010


Pacific: 1:00 PM

Moutain: 2:00 PM

Central: 3:00 PM

Eastern: 4:00 PM

(P.S. To any DCP willing to submit to the Socialist Republic of UMA you will recieve rewards with deciding what becomes of the remains of DCP and will get to help govern Area 17’s servers)

Viceroy Berat2beti

All Hail UMA

(P.S.S. Nachos, DPW, LOL, and RPF all agree and recognize the DCP lands as Area 17 except ofcourse the few lands will hand out to them as thanks and have declared war on DCP to help us crush the hacker Brandon remove him from power and bring and end to the Corrupt Facist Regime he leads)

4 Responses

  1. Meh awesomeness of a Generalness.

  2. ill be there

  3. We will all be there.

  4. Nevermind, I probably won’t be able to come since I think I’m gonna be somewhere at that time. Even if I don’t come, I hope we win!


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