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Here I am…

Neos: I have a feeling that you can take your revenge with and for UMA. Welcome to UMA btw, I am sure you will do terrific!

After such a long period in time of being overthrown by an army I had cared for, I guess it has brought me to the Underground Mafias Army. A very legendary army, that is now starting to fade away it’s glory. I’m here to make sure that what I had just mentioned, is truly no more. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to hit superpower and we’re never going back. We’re a potential army, we have been a pretty famous army for the last 2 and a half years. If you think Pink Mafias was good, you’re going to be astonished by what you will soon see here in the UMA. I’m telling you all that for now on, we are going to actually represent our name as the Underground Mafias Army. We’re not going to be wasting the privilege of having such a great name, we should be damn honored. Oh yes, we definitely have the potential to do it. We can destroy CP warfare, and show that my phrase “Hell will be unleashed” is not used for nothing. It’s used to represent that I know my army is ready to just kick the other armies ass. Excuse me for my language, but, that’s just some good ol’ war talk for you.

You want to know what actually brought me here? Anger… Fear… Destruction of my old fellows. I had a dream of being the greatest army in CP warfare, while leading the Golden Troops. This is where the anger comes. Overthrown, put aside and thrown in the toilet, like old toilet paper. Was I mad? I was damn bad. But I have the courage and honor to move on with another army and prove to the army world I’m not a quitter. I will not end my career right now. If you think for the couple of weeks you’ve done good, just wait for my surprise. Another thing that had brought me here was a little heart. You have to have heart to move on after getting thrown away. I’m lucky to be a leader here right now at UMA, but it’s called a reputation. I’m here to protect it at the same time kicking some some other-army-ass. You guys should hopefully know how I got here now, so this a conclusion to my post. And as always, the holy… and great phrase that sends our opponent into a swarm of hell. The one and only…

Hell will be unleashed,



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