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Hello UMA,

I am Pie1530, your new leader :D. I have a lot of experience, as I am the Nacho 2ic. I have been around for more than a year and a half, and have been in countless armies, including Nachos, ACP, RPF, TG, GT, and even this army at one point. Unfortunitly, I went inactive due to my dedication to the Nachos. But now I’m back and I hope to make UMA one of the greatest armies again.

UMA is probably the greatest, and largest, armies in history. But things went south when CP banned the phrase “UMA” forcing us to resort to other names to say on Club Penguin, including “UM A” . And since Mafias is also filtered on CP, it’s been a pain to recruit. Constant war has brought us back up a little bit after almost being dead, and we are the 9th largest army (Probably should be 7th). But as the leader, I plan to raise this vast emprie back up top.  If our old rivals the RPF can, I’m sure that we are capable of doing so aswell.

Enough with the blabber, I want to get off to a good start, so I am trying to plan a PB with TG. But their leaders on chat are not responding, so when they do, I’ll give you the information on that.

Thank you,


Itachi6dark: Hey guys just thought I’d show you this xD.


Take a look at Joe and Andi.


5 Responses

  1. Welcome to UMA! 😀

  2. that is alot like the nacho’s naked parties.

  3. Rofl

  4. hey pie sorry about what i told the nachos


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