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Uma’s Mass Victory on Half Pipe

  • Hias,

Battle Review:

The Underground Mafia Army’s Wgfv had scheduled a Invasion of Half-Pipe. Uma had originally tried to take the server the previous week but was canceled due to lack of awareness for the times. This battle was a critical one in the Uma vs. Gt war. Golden Troops had much confidence, as did the Underground Mafia’s Army. The battle was a good one..

Battle Overview:

  • The Uma start of the Battle in the Town.
  • Uma forms a line under the coffee shop, Gt forms a cluster under the night club.
  • Berat2Beti of Uma orders a joke bomb, Uma takes Gt’s Line.
  • Wgfv of Uma orders Uma to build a new line across the chat bar.
  • Gt follows up and Sun bombs them.


  • Uma does the dominance tactic.
  • Uma claims the room.
  • Gt counters with a “Uma Claims Nothing”.
  • Wgfv & Berat order all Uma troops to the snow forts.
  • Gt follows the Uma.
  • Uma forms a line under the clock tower.
  • Gt enters the room with a “Why are you running bomb” (because Uma claimed the Town DUH!)
  • Both armies open fire.
  • Gt Sun bombs.
  • Uma shows off a massive war face.


  • The Uma claim the Snow forts.
  • The battle Moves to Plaza.
  • Wgfv orders line across the chat bar.
  • Gt does a “Golden Troops” bomb
  • The Uma joke bombs

(Pic of bombing to be uploaded)

  • Uma claims the town.
  • Uma move to the forest.
  • Gt follows.
  • Uma forms a line under Berat2Beti, ending the line with Wgfv.
  • Gt clusters under the trees. The Uma perfrom a war face bomb.


  • Uma claims Forest.
  • Berat2Beti orders a charge to the Dock.
  • Uma moves threw the Plaza. Gt follows.
  • Uma stops in the Snow Forts does another a war face bomb.
  • Uma keeps charging to the dock.


  • Uma arrives at the dock.
  • Uma forms a massive line extending the highth of the Dock (longest part)
  • Gt follows and clusters by the dock.
  • Uma does a war face bomb.
  • Uma claims the dock.



Possibly claim

Reclaimed room

Didn’t claim

Underground Mafias Army Claimed Rooms:

  • Uma did claims the Town.
  • Uma claimed snow forts, and later returned to claim again to clear confusion.
  • Uma claimed plaza.
  • Uma claimed Forest.
  • Uma claimed the Dock.

As you can see Uma claimed the five rooms. Causing an automatic victory.

Clear Victory for Underground Mafias Army.

Picture of the Battle:

We’re going to start something new. The picture of the battle. This picture today was taken by me..



“Hell Unleashed!”

2 Responses

  1. HELP US!!!!!!! EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Epic win, Great Size UMA.


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