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Derek’s leading style.

Edit: Thank you for ur comments. u have given me hope and i no longer wish to retire :D.

Once my temp 2ic is over (4 days) I will not be able to go on chat for wars. We have 2 options.

1:) I go on uma chatango chat, and give commands there then someone says them on uma chat… OR

2.) I lead UMA by giving commands on clubpenguin.

Please comment with your choice. If less than 5 ppl vote, i retire. Ok? Its up to you. Dont delete this post if u do im gonna get pissy.

17 Responses

  1. I vote number 1

  2. I VOTE 1

  3. I vOtE 1!!!

  4. Number 1

  5. number 1 please

  6. brian voted 5 times xD but probably number 2

  7. Number 2 Bring back some old style.

  8. number 2. no point putting ppl through the trouble of going on 2 different chats AND worry about cp.

  9. number 2 so no tab swithcin

  10. number 1

  11. Eh i say 2…. i dont really care as long as we get back up on our feet.

  12. I say number 3 😀

  13. silly sexplo. number 3 was derek rapes a bunch of cows DX

  14. Number 2

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