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Declaring war on DCP

My fellow UMA we now have our strong leadership back after the computer crash which put our great leader Wg out of commission for a few days with out Wg we get 20 which became apparent at the invasion of Grizzly with Wg we get 30+ so I am confident everyone in UMA will turn out to all the invasions necessary to win this war! the DCP continue expanding their domain bye taking over smaller weaker armies we cannot allow this to happen we must end their expansion and take the territories that are rightfully UMA’s as well as other armies who wish to help us! UMA is see our glorious future as a major superpower but only if we begin bye expanding our borders and increasing our army size through war the word UMA is no longer filtered giving us even more power. UMA now is our time we will be attacking with the main force lead bye Wg and also invading with the Euro force lead bye JB. And with the adding of about 20 servers to UMA 12 1/2 I the newly appointed Viceroy of UMA colonies I will need many new govenors and to all the solders in this war who prove themselves to be active and willing to follow orders I will give you the title Sub-Viceroy of any server of your choosing. Also to any Europeans in UMA or anyone who wants to serve with them you’ll be getting your own times to invade a DCP server.


Date: Friday, September 3rd


PST: 4:00 PM

MST: 5:00 PM

CST:  6:00 PM

EST: 7:00 PM

(P.S. all the times now will be very school friendly and for any euros wondering about your time idk it plus you guys are gonna invade your own server right after we invade permafrost)

(P.S.S. I’m famous for my propoganda so enjoy this tasty propoganda laced with propoganda and a dash of propoganda on top and remember if the UMA leadership didnt say it its probally a lie XD)

I know it says all Hail Britannia just humor me and where they put Britannia imagine UMA instead 🙂

Viceroy: Berat2beti

All Hail UMA!

9 Responses

  1. is pm morning or night

  2. LOL will help

  3. XD im serious tho is pm morning or night

  4. im sorry but the emperor frames describe a dictatership.
    seriously, i learnes it in history class: one of the characteristics of a dictatership is the belife that the ruler knows all, he knows whts good for the people and whats not, he will lead his people from darkness to light, he knows everything therfore he must be obayed.
    im serioud! that part wasd taken from my notebook

    btw pm is after 12 noon

  5. are you kidding me this is like 2 o’clock in the morning for uk

  6. Berat you faggot, you should be ashamed of yourself posting a video full of a load of bullshit, post something better and more beneficial for us all, like Go on home british soldiers. :mrgreen:

  7. Bugger off Explo.


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