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Computer Fixed ||| Future Leadership


Hi guys It’s wgfv I got my computer fixed! I am sad uma. You couldn’t maintain yourself for 3 days? We have two other leader. I understand the Iw battle was no posted we have every owner on chat as a author, I am not going to be here forever uma. You struggled to get 4 people for iw. And yet with me you get 30… I won’t have this uma. It’s unacceptable.


Derek: I was taken off site for no reason so i couldnt post it, and i cant get on chat so i couldnt tell anyone to post it. sry I still cant get on chat either so im temporarily demoting myself to 2ic until I can get my act together.


Looks like IMAF won’t be attacking Nachos but make sure you’re on UMA chat during the Legends Cup Final Round for a surprise! It’s very important you must be on UMA chat during it or be at risk of demotion.

Hey Itachi here. G you want activity? Well here’s something we need to do. IMAF has declared war on Nachos and they might try to invade Nacho servers during Nacho’s tourny battle with IW so we the UMA need to protect Nacho servers from IMAF during the battle.

When: Tuesday, August 17th, 2010


1:00 pm pacific

2:00 pm mountain

3:00 pm central

4:00 pm eastern

9:00 pm UK

Where: Patrolling Nacho servers and be on UMA chat for orders.

Why: To protect our sexy Nachos.

4 Responses

  1. G the reason only 4 people cmae ot the iw battle was beacuase 1:Noone knew it was posted (i think -.-) 2:Noone posted it on our site.

  2. Actually we have 1 other leader (Derek) who’s on vacation.

  3. G we are bad without u because we need the best fucken leader (which is u)

  4. Eh, I’m not added to the Site. I’m guessing the Event is cancelled? Well, welcome back 🙂


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