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Chain of CommandFiF

First of all, I would like to welcome the Blue Scar Mafias, and the Shadow Mafias to UMA. During yesterday’s battle, I realized that the BSM was being ordered by over 4 people, which was very confusing. So I am now doing something similar to what the US Army does: Corps and Chain of Command.


There will be 2 corps in UMA. Each Corps will have a Division, and a Sub-Division. There will only be one corps leader per corps. This means that their will be 2 corps leaders, under the command of 1 primier: Berat. This 3 people make up the higher end of the chain of command. The lower end is made up of the division leaders. Here is the layout


Rules To Follow:

  • A corps leader cannot lead a division or sub division in their own private matters
  • A corps leader may only lead his/her corps during All UMA events
  • A corps leader gives general orders to a seperate dvision leaders(just telling where and whom to attack) The corps general can only lead his/her corps if the whole entire corps is in a single room
  • Division leaders can ask of the following things of a corp general
    • To lead division to battle
    • To not get involved
    • to ask of certain expectations
  • The division leader reports to the corps general, who reports to the primier
  • the primier cannot directly order the corps or division to do something. It has to be through the corps and division general
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    1. Good lord Berats leader? UMA’s fucked


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