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Berat2beti’s Story Chapter 1: The Beginning

Disclaimer: I own noone in my story if you dont like how your character is percieved well either talk to me on UMA chat about it so I can fix it or Suck it because its my story and I can make up this shit anyway I want 🙂

In the UMA War Ministry Department in the Capitol Mittens 2 Men Max and Wg are discussing important issues about the CP army world new peace and de-armament programs. “This is Bullshit!” Max said well throwing a file at the wall “How can Angel and Harv expect us to downsize the army to a mere 100,000 men!” Wg slowly got up and picked up the file.”They’re following the new CPUN Peace Charter Agreement all CP armies have to agree to only 100,000 men at the most with a size like that only domestic safety is secured no chance of being able to launch a offensive against anyone else.” Wg walks back to the couch and lays down on it Max narrows his eyes at him and starts speaking” That Angel ever since she became leader shes persued peaceful solutions to everyones problems and Harv lets her do it the CPUN would have never tried anything like this had it not been for Angel’s constant campaigning for peace!” Wg rolls his eyes in annoyance and starts” Well it wasnt exactly suppoce to work now was it who would have though ACP, Nachos, and everyone else would actually go with her ridiculous plan.” Wg yawns and turns on the TV Max just stares in complete shock and says” How can you be taking this so well because of this my research funding in Military weapons has been cut and your weapons manufacturing Contracts have been broken WGFV Corporation is on the verge of going Bankrupt because of this peace.” Max says while sneering knowing that money can Wg very happy or mad Wg gets up and says” Follow me you moron.”Wg says coldly and walks out the office to an elevator Max follows and they both get in the elevator and head down many stories under the ministry building Max asks” Where are we going Wg?” Wg once again rolls his eyes at his idiotic companion and explains”To meet Berat2beti he has a suprise for you.” They reach a certain level and they both step out Max is in awe at the sight before him a huge underground base was under the capitol with hundreds of thousands of troops tanks aircraft Armored personal carriers and more Max then opens his mouth but no words come out Wg sees this and explains” I see your taken back bye this well let me explain when you insulted my Company the only reason I didnt punch you was because it’s still developing weapons for my new business partner and your new emperor.” Berat then walks into the room and begins to talk “Welcome Max hows UMA’s best scientist doing?” Berat says with a grin on his face Max responds” Poorly my budget has been cut and Angel  has diverted my resources to medicine instead of weaponry!” Max responds with a obvious hint of Hate when he said Angel’s name Berat2beti puts on a sympathetic face and begins to speak “Yes Angel Harv and the CPUN has wronged many people Wg, me, you and tons of soldiers in CP armies with no other skill but to fight so thats why I’m gonna re-create the UMA empire during Pink’s age!” Berat says with obvious Enthusiasm Max responds with” How are you going to do that that would require fighting all the CP armies not and easy task.” Berat looks unworried at Max’s response and says” Usually yes but the CPUN has made it so much easier to recruit now out of work soldiers and buy tons of Military equipment that would have been scrapped.” Max looks back at all the Military equipment and realizes this is UMA’s tank Brigades scheduled for immediate disposal and sees sets of Watex warriors Orange copters also sees Crates full of Nacho Rifles then Max wonders and asks” How did you get all of this wouldnt buying up Military equipment from all the CP armies be kinda suspicous?” Wg Responds this time and says” Well WGFV corp manufactures or provides parts for most of these weapons so when we bought some back for cheap though most was given to us for free once we told them we were gonna scrap them noone cared where the equipment went just as long as it was gone.” Wg said well sitting lazily in a big expensive chair Berat2beti then begins to talk” Well now lets get down to business Max.” Max returns attention back to Berat2beti and asks”What?” “Will you help me conquer UMA and CP your genius is being wasted on such petty things like Medicine why not work for me and design weapons again?” Max gets a big grin on his face Berat2beti smiles in satisfaction knowing Max is onboard Max then responds with a very enthusiastic”YES MY LORD!” Max says as he gets on one knee and places his right hand over that knee and places his left arm behind his back and looks down Berat then gestures for him to stand up and Max does and Berat speaks again” Well then Wg” Wg returns his direction from the news paper he was reading to Berat2beti and responds sarcasticlly with”Yes my Lord“Berat2beti rolls his eyes and says”Shut up Wg you dont have to do that.”Wg snickers and Berat2beti rolls his eyes again and speaks again”Now then lets show Max our plans for the celebration of the founding of the CPUN Ball thats going to be held in Frozen.” Wg smiles and turns out a large computer screen and Berat begins to explain the plan.

The first Chapter in my story


6 Responses

  1. Berat just get rid of me in the story, I never would wnats peace its f-ing gay in cp armies 🙄

  2. Where be I? xD

  3. […] this so well because of this my research funding in Military weapons has been cut and your weapons manufacturing Contracts have been broken WGFV Corporation is on the verge of going Bankrupt because of this peace.” […]


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