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Harv: LOLWUT! WW technichley brought ACP with Luc. But we would let that slide lol….  

We’ll that was one hell of a battle and if you missed it sorry. In my last post I mentioned if Ww would bring allies. Yep.. Ww hides behind acp AGAIN 🙄  

No allies ww... O yea and we win town


Hmm acp co-leader ww leader liar?


Uma wins Forest




 It was a good battle but Ww can’t fight with what they have? LOOK AT THIS CLUB PENGUIN THIS IS YOUR NUMBER 5 ARMY.  

Itachi’s Edit: My prediction of winning then WW claiming they won came true as well…  

Bobby: This is what recruiting does and what we came from. UMA has risen YET AGAIN!

17 Responses

  1. dude why the crap didnt you mention there troop number spiking from 6-18 by just sitting in the plaza T_T

  2. You didn’t win. You used bots to frame us. EPIC FAIL -.-

  3. I was there


  4. I Think WW Won 🙂

  5. i dont think you have any pics of UMA using bots besides a 2ic having his idea rejected..?

  6. 1: explain why acp was there and ro if they were just noobs
    2: we used bots for RECRUITING ONLY.
    3: you cheated T_T
    good day to you SIR.

    • Hmmm.
      I Understand UMA Used Bots For Recruiting Only, But Still Using Bots Is Using Bots Which Means WW Wins By Disqulaification.
      Its The Way I See It.

      • hehe you got owned bitch

        • Oh great now with the new css replies.. well don’t show up as replies so yeah that last comment was in reply to “braveboy124” lmao.

    • thats only if we used bots DURING THE BATTLE we only used it BEFORE and we can use bots BEFORE if we want caz it is UMA’S SERVER….

  7. @Wwe : Uh, we didn’t use ACP for help. The only reason why we’re allies with them is because Luc is co-leader there. To tell you the truth, some of us WW acutally don’t like ACP because they’re 70% noobs. Also, how did we cheat? You make no sense at all mister.

  8. Rofl, you said We win town on first Pic.

  9. Hip hip. hooray. We won. Even if they got ACP, we still kicked their buttox. Srry I couldn’t come.

  10. mittens is fnw, we invaded, and dont lie and say we didnt.

    • You did not tell us about this invasion
      also it was unsche—-blablabla also we have bigger probs then you guys -.-

  11. hey! that isnt the acp u think it is, that is AntiCP! there not an afictiol army, no site, no chat

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