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All I’m saying is “You Had It Coming”

You guys had it coming the day you impeached me. Pushing me around as if I’m a damn rag doll, when your dealing with one of the best of leaders. You don’t do that to someone without getting hell returned straight back to you. I’m tired of getting underestimated by everybody, I’m not a bad leader. Everyone just makes it seem like I am. Now listen, this a message to every one who has ever been in GT or is in GT. You can call me the biggest asshole on earth, but I don’t care and I never will. You can say “wow, ganger, trying to get payback” on every post, but I will just ignore any stupid comments like that. Listen, I let you guys have a chance to have me back. But hell, you throw it straight in my face with a flat no. Now I’m here in the Underground Mafias Army and I have brought one of the greatest ever presences of all time. Can’t you feel the hell flowing through the air? The destruction and debris slowly going toward GT? You guys don’t want me any more. I’m ending the deal with a simple “We” don’t want you any more. The way that me and UMA will beat you won’t be called a victory. I’m going to give it a name. That name is going to be domination. You know, for the last few months… You’ve been dragging me through actual hell. Going back and forth, back and forth. After I did so much for you and GT, it’s so sad to see that now you have betrayed me. I’m just transferring that sadness into anger. In hell, you do not get sad, you only build up your anger. GT used to be the army that I led through a great age, but now you guys are dieing and you guys have to admit it. You guys are nothing without a leader that will be active for more than 2 weeks. The only great leader that you have right now and I should know this, it’s Jerry. Jerry has pretty much always been there for GT, along with me. Me and him used to work with each other but it looks like we’re going to have to… “Work against each other” as of now. Jerry, it’s been great knowing you and all of your GT friends but it’s your ending point and the brick wall you are currently running into is the Underground Mafias Army. I still have a little part of my heart that still loves GT, but you guys no longer have even a little heart for me. So I guess there is only one thing to say as we get this war started…

Hell will be unleashed,


6 Responses

  1. we offered you a place back in the army -.-

  2. Hmm, ah, well…. you see….

    Don’t know what to say. I think you’ve done exactly what GT wanted you to do, was get mad.

  3. :’-) that was beautiful ganger.

  4. what?


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