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Ok UMA let’s make a mark with our iCP division. Are first battle is at 9:30 PM EST Saturday On Spirit Oasis. Against Romans

Lets go win, comment if you can come.

Also a Special Welcoming Division Ceremony Earlier, I will not be here for this one. Anyone can do the honors it as long as its established Early.


  • Day-Saturday
  • Pst-12:00
  • Mst-1:00
  • Cst-2:00
  • Est-3:00
  • Uk-8:00

❗ Note: This Will not count as a CPAC Battle and if we are criticized by our size on iCP then CPAC is shit ❗

“!” Double Note: The ranks are the same as regular cp ranks, but if ur not on regular ranks u get ur old rank.

You should have known The price of evil And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah Ooooh It’s your fuckin’ nightmare

LinkinParkOwnzU A7X KicksASS

One Response

  1. Can’t come, soccer tournament


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