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 Wgfv: Yes I agree, The Underground Mafias Army will support the movment against the Acp. They stood by us. Uma is in an era of prosperity we will support Nachos, Team Gold and Ice Warriors. The acp needs to stop this. And Uma will help end this.


UMA we need to help our allies. IW, Nachos and team Gold are gonna die if we don’t help them out. Wgfv we need to act fast. Do you want our allies to become small? Could you see the Nachos as a small army? Or IW as a medium army? Or Team Gold as a noob Army again…? IW and Nachos have been our allies since WW4. TG is our allies cuz we like gold Lol. But what im saying is don’t leave an army hanging. No army left behind! And CPAC look at this post cuz guess what if I get G’s permission to edit it with a yes we are in this war completely! Might as well both our enemies are in different allies, and I’m not too fond of ACP ever since 2009…

~Its Easier to Run, Replacing this Pain is Something More.~


Bobby: I have to agree with harv on this one. UMA has some really great allies that have helped us in the past. If we want to keep our friendship, we have to start helping them out. Everyone better go to invasion of Berg. Idk if i am going yet or not. So Wgfv, Joe, and Notru start to think about that. WE ARE GETTING A LOT BIGGER!!!!


Uma should make an evony division just saying…

18 Responses

  1. I think you added an extra T on your LP quote.

  2. Thanks Josh

  3. Tbh i Think UMA should be with the Militia.

  4. You know this whole ACP(+ Allies) vs. Mammoth Confedation vs. The Militia thing sucks.

    Armies that hate eachother are working together(WW and RPF) and armies that don’t care to fight eachother are fighting eachother(UMA and RPF).

    It’s all one big mess, held together by hate for ACP, and the fact that RPF has to be allies with WW or they’ll conquer Tuxedo from us.

  5. LOL TG is our allies cuz we like gold HAHAHA
    but anyways i hate ACP so i agree

  6. If UMA goes through with this invasion of Berg relations between Romans and UMA will certainly deteriate.

  7. Too long. Did not read. I hate Linkin Park though.

  8. Never liked acp, never will

  9. if u help the BCP wont attack you because were not fond of the ACP either and we would help but we would fail to easily.

  10. UMA is actually making a good choice because they have been fighting ACP since they started wars.


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