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Whatever lol

I don’t come on xat much so I’m not so familiar with all of the hate surrounding this Phin person. However I did get a message from the disgruntled person herself on kik today. Just thought I’d share what she sent to me and how I handled the situation. Do what you want with this, I really don’t care since I’m not sticking around.

Naturally she will probably deny this. We all know it’s real. I messaged her mother after she finished messaging me. This is part of her rage which shows that.

Read on if you wanna see proof of what I found.

She doesn’t live in the UK, which is clearly shown here as both her mother and father have active Social Security Numbers and a United States passport. Not only that, but she doesn’t have a British passport under the name she claims to be under, which, again, is “Carsyn Sanders” (an american name, must I add).

However her parents do have active Taxpayer Identification Numbers in the United states. Her mothers being 92XXXX65, and her fathers being 97XXXX69. I’d dig deeper and post Drivers Licenses and other things relating to the whole situation but I’m not pushing that far.

Here is the kik conversation I had with Phin earlier today in which she messaged me completely out of the blue while I was at work. Made me laugh because I wasn’t doing much other than auditing code .

I saved the best until last. She then messaged me when I messaged her mother. I told her mother that she had been harassing people online. I showed her some of the screenshots that she had sent to some of my friends and other people. Gave her all the passwords to her emails and then she stopped replying to me. I also got the seen from a 40 year old. Oh well.

Anyway, here is the rage that was inflicted upon me soon after I messaged her (which I also sent to her mother LOL).

Whatever. She raged. Do what you like with this post. I don’t care. I won’t see the outcome.

4 Responses

  1. LOL THAT IS THE FAKEST BULLSHIT I’VE EVER SEEN. I actually am from England. Ifu want to prove it was me, screenshotbthe kik username and I’ll tell u if it was me because I only use one kik account kiddo. My password isn’t even texan41 try it. I have passwords lie i4nPgoCaLc0 and other YouTube codes. Try again when you actually have proof, BTW, where’s the screenshot of you talking to my “mum” or could you not edit that? Nice try though. Better luck next time. 😀 my parents know better than to fuck with my emails as well.


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