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Honoured & Grateful – Resignation of Joseph

I hereby hand over full control of the Underground Mafias Army to Mach, Wurburt, and Step.

This is the last time I will be speaking with you from this website.

When I came back to this army, UMA was in dire conditions. It had not had an event for virtually two full months, leader changes were rampant. This army sat in one of its worst depressions in years. We were able to elevate UMA out of the abyss. I cannot fully express how grateful I am to those who I have spent countless hours with working to ameliorate this army for future generations. I am proud of the work we have done, to accommodate the army we all love, to understand the challenges, the threats, the opportunities we faced, and to ascertain our interest and our values are venerated on the world stage.

As I look back I am very proud of the work we have done. We have had many retired leaders over the past few years endeavor to keep the flame peregrinated. I have always tried to maintain a sense of optimism. I am addressing this now and I have much more optimism than when I commenced. I have optically discerned day after day the many contributions that our soldiers have brought. We can be certain that this next generation can bring even more progress, prosperity, and tranquility.

I leave this army confident. Confident in the progress that is in motion. I will always be an advocate even after this resignation. It has been a challenging week saying goodbye to everyone. I am so grateful that I have had a chance to contribute to making this army more vigorous, safer, fairer, and preponderant. I hope that that you will redouble your efforts to demonstrate unequivocally that we are the greatest army ever.

You call me a legend. I am not a legend. I’m not a good leader, what you verbally express as a revolution I visually perceive as a rediscovery as UMA’s inner spirit. I am a dealer in hope, not a leader in battle. You made UMA elevate. As we have learned, we are a great nation and we have involute quandaries, but if we always stick to our first principle that the people are right. The future will always be ours.

We’ve held through some inclement seas. In the melancholy of early ’10 to the massive expansion in my late leadership that perpetuates now as I retire. There are two great triumphs I’m proud of. One being the instauration of the army, that you as the soldiers availed me with. The other is the recuperation of our moral. We for the first time in years are not ashamed to be UMA. We have our accolade, our veneration.

Tomorrow, I expect that you will perpetuate the path set by me under the direction of the leadership. I hope that this is done with the same professionalism and dedication that I have visually perceived first hand. No matter who is leading UMA, it is our obligation to perpetuate our elevation within the community. However, with that being said, my time of policy making and leading UMA has come to a sad end.

There are many people that require many thanks from me for these past few weeks. However, I have decided to circumscribe this post to just my promulgation of resignation. I would just like to thank the people who helped to build UMA, without you there would be no UMA. I have had the utmost honor to lead with some of the best people in this community. These people span from Bam177, Jester, Mach, Wurburt, Viper, Trader, and DrMatt. I wish you all well on your path to glory and hope that you find the motivation that you require to perpetuate the ambulation with this astonishing army.

~ Joseph, Former UMA Premier/Dictator

12 Responses

  1. AWH Bye Jose 😦 We’ll miss you ❤

  2. I’ve seen you grow as a leader for these past few months and you have turned out to be one of the most influential figures in UMA.

    Fight the Bad.

  3. I remember you as a little noob back in my day haha. You’ve done well for yourself since then. You did what most couldn’t do. Best of luck in life.

  4. Later dude :((

  5. 😦

  6. As a retired UMA leader and current UMA legend you have done an amazing job as UMA leader. I hope that UMA can do well without you.. Good luck in life :’)

  7. Love you babe

  8. Welcome to retirement island bud


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