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Next time that you decide to hurl insinuations at UMA Waterkid make sure that you remember you should try to back them up with genuine pictures that don’t include you utilizing your shitty editing skills to taint UMA’s name. It’s pretty pathetic that you’re resorting to underhand tactics because that’s the only thing you know how to do.

Keep it up pal, it makes us all hysterically laugh when you attempt to perceive us as multi loggers when Light Troops was a safe den for them. Go back to circle jerking on atWar, bed wetter. Your shady assumptions aren’t wanted here.

Just for the record, just because you’re able to fool the retards at Nachos chat that our comments are fake – that doesn’t mean that the rest of the community is stupid enough to fall for your bullshit. Just to justify our case to the point where the ground you stand on crumbles beneath you, I would be glad to screen the whole of Uma’s comment section to furthermore prove that Waterkid is full of shit.

Rox Rox1 Rox2 Rox3




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