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The Duties of a True Soldier

The UMA is making a change for the better, and if it’s gonna work out, we need true soldiers. Whether you are an owner, mod, or member, you will have certain things you need to do. Some things are different, but I will start out with the things we want from everyone. So without further adieu, the duties of a true soldier



All Soldiers:

  • Be on our chat whenever you are on XAT. Even if you are AFK, having good chat size is an important factor that encourages more recruits to join our army.
  • Ask your friends to join, and try as hard as you can to auto type. Auto typing will be a requirement for certain ranks, but we understand that with school returning, the computer will be an important instrument in performing after-school tasks, and thus we understand you wont all be able to do so as much as you could during the summer.
  • Attend as many events as you possibly cant. If you aren’t able to make it to an event, that’s okay, but try to attend as many as you can. If you don’t attend any, you could be demoted or fired.
  • Show respect to those ranked above and below you. Whether it is your leader or a new recruit, treat them with respect. If you don’t like someone, don’t act on it and don’t argue. If someone is being rude or disrespectful to you, report them to a leader and provide any evidence you have, as the leaders will try to mediate the situation.
  • Follow the chat rules and the orders issued to you by the owners and more importantly, the leaders. Without coordination, there is nothing to work with.

The Owners:

  • All owners are required to auto type. Lines will be provided, and you will be put into teams fitting to when you can auto type. It has not been defined yet, but there may be a log and a required amount of time you must auto type a day/week. Accounts will also be provided, as well as emails if necessary.
  • You, as the owners, must not only enforce the rules, but follow them. You have to lead by example, or else you won’t get anywhere. The mods and members are looking to you, and will do what they see you doing.
  • You can be in ONE, and only ONE army. You can be non-military ranks in other armies like “adviser”, but you cannot be in any other armies besides the Underground Mafias Army. If you don’t want to quit your other armies, you can become a mod.
  • You are expected to not only attend a lot of events, but show your stripes and take control. As an owner, you can lead events alongside the leaders (unless said otherwise). Give tactics from time to time, and don’t just say bombs or type in tactics. If you want to be leader, you need to practice it.

The Moderators:

  • You will be recommended to auto type, and your chance of promotion will sky rocket. Moderators will be allowed to enroll in the UMA’s recruiting program.
  • Try to attend as many events as you can, and keep the chat under control. There won’t be promotions after every event, so don’t ask a lot. Promotions will probably occur monthly, and maybe at specific tournament events. Some events, mods will be allowed to lead, and do your best.
  • Enforce the rules and follow them. If you see an owner breaking the rules, report them. If you see a leader breaking the rules, ask them why they aren’t following their own rules. LEADERS AREN’T ABOVE THE LAW, EVEN IF THEY SET IT. Don’t be afraid to tell a leader they are violating the rules.

The Members:

  • The few, the proud, and the future of this army. You are a member because you just joined, but don’t worry about complication. Just attend events and work hard and soon enough you can become a moderator.
  • You can be in however many armies you want, and don’t have to auto type. But if you are a troop solely in the UMA, that boosts your chance of promotion. On top of that, if you do enlist in our recruiting program, your chance to be promoted practically doubles. We pay attention to all the hard workers.
  • Follow the rules, and if you see a mod, owner, or leader violating the rules, don’t be afraid to report them to the proper authorities. You are the basis of our army, and we embrace that.

The Retired Troops and Leaders:

  • Congratulations on your career in the UMA! Assuming that you gracefully retired from the UMA, you will be accepted as such, a true retired veteran. However, you are not above the rules, so follow all the chat rules if you want to stay hanging out there.
  • You don’t have to attend events or anything else, but from time to time you might be asked to. You don’t have to say yes, and if you are de-modded for saying no, that will be dealt with. We respect the work you have done for our army.
  • If leader or owner meetings/business is going on, and you are not invited to join in, don’t barge in. You have retired, and therefore aren’t included in such things.
  • Don’t like an owner or leader? You are entitled to your opinion, but abusing your veteran status to bully current troops is unacceptable, and will be punished swiftly and justly. Simply put, don’t be a douche.


Let’s get this done, but we need you to help us out. We can do it if we focus our energy together. Focus Punch the enemies like Lucario, because yeah, Pokemon metaphor. Don’t forget to comment anything I may have missed.

-Much Love, the Prime Minister, Machy Poo


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