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Final bow,

I’ve had one or two retirements in the past but this one is surely IT as i don’t see anything more i need to accomplish..i mean if you we’re to look back on everything i’ve done in this community i’d say it’s pretty astonishing and i have zero regrets or maybe could’ve won a tournament or two .. ha.

I started in the Romans as a retarded noob that maybe came on once or 3 days a week slowly progressing and learning the ropes on how to go about things here, weither you love me or hate me you can’t deny when i finally did learn i was the most under rated leader you could possibly imagine with the most reliable and good work ethic where ever i went.

I joined the Doritos in 2012, under WweBestFan and i genuinely to this day miss that generation, not only did we fuck around for hours and didn’t get off until 3:00 in the morning i met two of my closest friends from there as you can tell or maybe it’s obvious West004 and Bam117, you know honestly i didn’t think from when i started i wouldn’t walk away with some gold and by gold two great people possibly to experience life with when we’re over and done with this..i’ll be waiting this summer. But the Doritos still hold some sort of care in my heart as it’s the first army where i really broke through in and proved myself that i could hang with the influencial people at the time leading. I helped the DCP grow last year fixing their domain and leading them to the March Madness finals and also helped them to achieve army of 2015 which is a great accomplishment but of course you can’t mention DCP without mustapha who i’ll personally  state my opinion down in the post but nonetheless he was the one that actually pushed me but i think hes just mad he couldn’t had kept me in DCP forever.. i don’t know what it is lol, i’ve achieved sizes of 70 for DCP during my reign.

I joined the Light Troops, i forget when im pretty sure fall in 2014, i had led with waterkid and elmikey however shortly after waterkid retired and it was just me and elmikey in which we did fairly amazing for the whole winter hitting 80+ and reaching the Christmas Chaos finals that year with an INTENSE fued with the dark warriors which was one of the highlights of my career it was actually fun despite the DoS’ing and all, i acutally enjoyed my time in the Light Troops and in my opinion maybe i deserve a legend title though i know i’ll never be inducted to the LT hof given..waterkid who owns the site .. lol

As i close out my long tenure as a active leader in this community theres no better army then to end things off in than the underground. I regret never joining during it’s best days but im glad joining it making it’s best era, The Underground Era and having a influencial part in it’s massive rise to power. I can finally walk away knowing i’ve accomplished sirplus amount of things in my career and being satisfied with it..i mean hell i got UMA legend in a week some may say it maybe not fair but looking from when the spark initially happend to now? I brought it back to life and back to the world power it should have stayed in for a LONG TIME and i don’t have any doubts nothing will change, just the armies who try to flexes their muscles on uma will have a rough death.

Any who i’m not going down in a list of what i’ve done and accomplished basicaly those are the two moments of my career in which i think were stand out significant.

So without further adieu before i depart i just want to say a little something of a few people:

Bam and West – You and west are more like brothers that i never had, and i can’t picture my career without you two, i probably don’t say it often but i love the both of you and i cannot thank you both enough for what you’ve done for me over the years i’ve known you guys, thank you.

Daniel – Now a lot of you may know him as this insane hekker or maybe a grammatical god that can fuck you up in Elizabethan english or just English whichever you may choose your instant death. I know him as a down to earth human being that may be 1000 miles from me right now but theres no person i’d rather wait for meeting (other than my female) than him. It’s actually truly a blessing that i come out walking with a bunch of great people because i don’t know.. usually when you leave, you leave with maybe a few achievements but i’m walking away with a clan of everybody on the same page.

Mustapha- ah what was i kidding, you’re a piece of shit trash.. go booka dance with your uncle in his restaurant.

 UMA Legend               /DCP Legend             /Former LT leader             /Former Chaos Leader

Leisure Suit Jester

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  1. Bye jester 😦 sad to see you go 😥


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