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Melting Ice Pattern [INVASION OF MAMMOTH]

UMA hereby claims Mammoth.

Ice Warriors are drainage dendrites around the central clear area of Mammoth, much like what you see with rivers as they branch into smaller tributaries upstream. So, at least part of the answer is that the water melting the ice is joining together into a generally downhill flow towards the central region, which usually results in a lower-SMAP placement.

Furthermore, it’s quite likely the central region is a lot warmer because there is no longer any ice there to reflect sunlight. Once such a spot forms (and it has to eventually if there’s too much energy coming in) it will become both a radiating heat source that encourages further melting around it, and also a lower level (no ice) that encourages melt water to drain into it, SMAP style.

enter image description here

Andrew and his buddies in a bottle after the Invasion of Mammoth.

Click the white read more button (it is there) to continue reading the victory post.


There is a solid form of water that does sink.. That’s the melted depiction of both Andrew and whoever else was leading the event tonight.

Here are the event pictures:












Good job for trying Ice Warriors.


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