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Closure Of The UMA

Before I begin, I must confess that this is the culmination of my knowledge of the state of UMA thus far; therefore, my ideas, philosophies and opinions may be flawed. I do hold my claims with much pride, for I have taken a great deal of thought into these ideas. I do not protest to the fact that I am naive, ignorant, flawed, wrong or young. However, I do believe everyone is a little of all those mentioned when concerned with the state of the UMA. I do my best to not be supercilious, though when writing to oneself; it can tend to slip by. With all this said, may I now embark on my first and final post on the Underground Mafias Army, our home, our sanction – and most of all – one of the oldest and sacred armies left in this community.

The Vilification of UMA

Over the past few months, UMA has been spiraling further down the canyon of dissolution. I didn’t anticipate any of this just yet, in fact, I knew that this post was ineluctably foreordained, but I mentally conceived that delaying it for a few more months would avert all of the negative critiques from former leaders and veterans who think that it is fitting to ridicule and implicate the hierarchy of the army and incriminate them of contempt. And then you have the older veterans like Derek, who’s impertinence is second to none and would back the decision that is currently being made. Don’t get me wrong, this army is at its last cornerstone and me in no way to besmirch this army’s name by keeping it running on its last legs, that is disreputable and discourteous, and I would in no way act in a graceless manner. Throughout the past few months, an astronomically immense magnitude of dispersion has been witnessed by both myself and Adam, undeterred by the fact that we are infrequently online to examine over the army – we do, however, check in with the leaders of this army. I’m not setting out to stigmatize any former, current, or any veteran as an apostate, wrongdoer, or anything of a sort – because their time accommodated in this army will be remembered.

I have been asked before, why I believe what I believe. I understand the controversy that may arise when people learn that my notions are marginally lackluster, but I know that without a doubt that UMA could have surmounted the dejection that spiraled into and eventually outdistanced themselves from the naysayers – essentially causing them to thrive again, but no, that didn’t transpire, UMA lost hope and tripped over a crack in the surface. I don’t ask that anyone believe as I believe, I hope even that I manage to eschew crossing too far over the line between parroting on and evangelizing. This is more just an amassment of cerebrations, and a suggestion. Ignore, disparage, dissect, lampoon or even concur as you optate.

Life is composed of decisions, and their immediate and incremental effect on yourself, and those around you. A butterfly flaps its wings, and a hurricane commences to boil somewhere in the antithesis hemisphere. A production-line employee passes a bullet at the inspection point, and someone’s power to make decisions is perpetually abstracted, somewhere in the world. The prodigious tapestry of choices life has to offer should not be perceived as an obstruction, but a benediction. The onus is on us to enlighten ourselves to this simple and indelible truth: You don’t have a choice. Once enlightened, it is our obligation, our obligation to ourselves and our peers to prehend this concept, and ascertain that our actions are reserved solely for the purport of reinforcing and accolading this ideal, the ideal that lives on within every single UMA veteran, soldier, and retired leader today.

The Epiphany

At the end of the day, this epiphany has come at a time when epiphanies are many. With each day, authenticity either cheered me on or slapped my face so far, and with each cheer or slap, the epiphanies emerge. This was a cold, hard slap, but a compulsory one. Maybe one day I will look back on this and remember that I made the right decision by shutting down UMA, the only thing in this community I have ever loved, apart from Laoise of course. But guess what? I will opt to live in a constant state of awe and wonder. Little things will intrigue and delectate me. I’ll take nothing for granted and explore every avenue and possibility. I will hold no prospects and sanction life to surprise me. I won’t sanction people in UMA, or this community to degrade or besmirch my denomination, Adams denomination, or somebody else’s name who contravened the norm and verbally expressed that this is it – the final path in which you’ve tripped over – because we know what we are doing is right, and if you have a quandary with that then you require your head sorted out you dismal mess.

The most mundane question that we are asked as UMA legends is this: What transpired? Why do you perpetuate to ignore the inevitably ineluctable? You see, the cynical, often act with implicatively insinuated preponderation to the hopeful, in this case, we would be the hopeful ones, and those inquiring and querying our motives would be the cynical ones endeavoring to push up the responsibility of UMA onto our shoulders, kind of like an encumbrance. They know that UMA lives in a rigorous world of accepted realities. When you sit by and let UMA become an unsightly place you’re not being superior nor logical, just slothful, and your apathy should not be habituated to somehow prove the incognizance of the hopeful. The hopeful is in prospect of more preponderant things and a better UMA, whether or not it comes, and though they may rejoice in their successes they additionally have to live with their losses. You just optically discern how UMA is. They perceive UMA as it is and endeavor to make it preponderant. Next time you endeavor to condemn the hopeful. Do not know you are superior you are simply too indolent to transmute things and too jealous to let others do it.

Retired Leaders

Of course, if you’re hopeful and that is all you are, then you are not superior to the indolent nor equipollent to the others. If you simply wish the world to be preponderant, your dependence on the hopeful weighs them down as much as the jealousy of the apathetic. If you’re a realist just accept you’re a sloth and do not digress to jealousy and if you’re an idealist strive for those ideals, don’t sit back and do nothing.

UMA has this scarcely moral code intended to provide a firm ground for the cooperation of former leaders who believe that UMA can be great, and yet whenever I see former leaders on UMA’s chat I incline to gabble at the notion that they are only here to ridicule the current leaders, albeit the person who is ridiculing those leaders didn’t act on anything that they were supposed to act on. I would make an endeavor to keep the hope running in this army, but if you have seen the most recent events, then I am trepidacious that both UMA and the people who forfend its legacy are phased out.

Legacy of UMA

What do you want as a legacy? Fame, potency, glory, accolade, these are all good things, but what is something that will stand the test of time. I want you to know for the next few minutes about what you want your legacy to be, in any way, shape, or form. When you have your legacy I would relish to show you this quote.

“And on the pedestal these words appear: ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’ Nothing beside remains.”
– Percy Bysshe Shelley

This is perhaps the best quote I could find, the line that gets me is “Nothing adjacent to remains”. What kind of future does that lead for our legacies? Not many legacies can stand up to a kick like that. Mazuma, puissance, fame, all gone; washed away by the sea. The way I perceive it, you could be the richest person on xat, lead 10 different armies, be a colossal player on CPAC’s legend page, have the most popular “friends” online, and still be forgotten. The community isn’t astringent to legacies, it’s just efficient. So if most legacies can’t stand, which ones do? As with all of these posts, I conventionally indite them because I have come to what I believe is an answer to this question. Is this the only answer, no, even I’m not that arrogant; but I do believe it is an answer.

Even after you’re gone, they will still tell stories about how ‘that guy’ or ‘that girl’ told me about the war he was in, whether it be the color wars, the Black Alliance war, etc. What he was doing when Boomer 20 retired, what he/she felt that day, and even why he/argued with a toon on Xat. To me at my humble age of 17, this is the best way for someone to leave a legacy. Raise an honorary army, edify the people inside of it right from erroneous. Then edify older generations of this community what you edified them. Your legacy will be how you raised them, and how you doted them.

You have scribed your words to the point where they have etched your passions. You have left this wallowed community victorious; eyes resplendent, with the sagacity you indited and wrought. Your passions shall echo in my eats, and everybody else who know that the Underground Mafias Army was a force to be reckoned with. I stray into some sullen storm or get caught in the torrents of the monsoon that we call the dismal actions of our own mistakes. Your death will only be a commencement.

It will not be a terminus, for a cessation implicatively insinuates finality. Your life will not culminate when you die, for your impact on this community shall not be effaced. Recollections shall remain, your engenderments shall remain, your work will still have influenced those around you. Your legacy will live on, be it good, deplorable or relatively unknown. The death of your designation will affect our community. While many people will remain nescient, others will be shocked to aurally perceive of its demise. Its symbol will be a simple tombstone, a cap on a life lived, an authenticity experienced. It is an army that none shall ever experience again, an army that will never be optically discerned again. One army shall end, many shall be transmuted, but illimitable others shall perpetuate, and always will.

We live for fleeting moments here at UMA. The taste of victory can as soon be superseded with the acridness of vanquishment as the lighting may strike on a inclement night. We give our all-knowing this. We bleed upon these fields, each futile moment, knowing that it could be for nothing. But this is what keeps us driving on, gritting our teeth and playing through the pain. Knowing that we have everything to lose but concurrently, we have everything to gain. We may be puerile, some may call us temerarious, some may call us duncish, but we are here to leave our mark. We strive to be champions.

This insubstantial community causes us to fight and jeopardize our salubrity for something fleeting. I feel for myself, but I feel others may be akin to me in this sense: We live in an insubstantial community, lives and people transmuting around us. But by clenching at the strands of prosperity we call a victory, we can weave something authentic that will be recollected by others who will come after us. And maybe, just maybe, when we grow older we can look back and verbally express that we will be recollected when we pass on. For that is what it is to be human, to carve a legacy of recollection afore we fade into the depths of hell.


In equitable, unspecific terms, the corruption is an opportunity to maintain a vigil that simultaneously reflects on lives cut tragically short and to accommodate as a reminder of the cessation result of abhorrence, and power-hungry leaders inside of the UMA. If you are a progressive proponent, it is a day in accolade of and reserved for the suffering of the retired and unwanted leaders who were cast out because of their actions. But let me be blunt about something. Power does not corrupt. A lack of control does. Control of others? No. Control yourself. Power is a potential which can lead to good or lamentable results. When I speak of puissance, I suppose I genuinely mean energy. Everything and everybody are interconnected by this energy. These are not the redundant echoes of a wannabe incipient age do-gooder. These are arctic, unromantic facts that were passed down to the current leaders of the UMA which proved that they were more than capable of doing what the leaders afore they did – albeit now, I don’t think I can express that.

That being said, we cannot seem to relish UMA without corruption. An elusion from control, be it our own or another’s. As with any delectation, there is a toll that it will extract from our minds, spirits and personas. Pay now, before you drown in your own debt.

But to be honest with you, UMA was into corruption and Anarchy, and I for one admit I was an Anarchist inside of the UMA. Anarchy is a resplendent thing. With Anarchy you don’t have politics, or you don’t have credence systems, all you have is yourself and the people around you that harbor kindred conceptions. Everyone fears Anarchy. Why? Because it’s been made out to be a monster. It’s been made out to be malignant and lawless. It is lawless but lawless does not obligatorily mean evil. This “lawless” that we have been told is a tissue of prevarications and nothing more. This “lawless”ness is just human nature. If you take away laws, we would realize that you cannot kill just for the sake of killing. We realize that in order to live than cooperation must occur, which is why UMA lived for so long. This cooperation emanates from people of homogeneous conceptions,

The UMA veterans or this community shouldn’t be just one group of set people who believe what others believe. That is another lie that has been coerced into our heads. This community is composed of many armies. People are grouped by popularity, wealth via xat, how many times their army has reached first and many other things.

So yes, I was corrupt, and yes, I did do things that are unpardonable, but do I care? Not at all. I’m open and veracious about it because I know that I, solely, did it all because MY army thrived under these ideals. You have all become so wrapped up in industrious conceptions. You have become so wrapped up with conceptions of the future that you all fail to stop and perceive what’s going on around you. What do I perceive is going on around us? I perceive authentic ideologies and ideals being passed through the generation of leaders.

Soldiers, Retired Leaders, Veterans.

polluting every word we verbalize, and turns nice words of altruism into abhorrent weapons. It is a weapon used to bring down entire armies, a weapon to make the even the mightiest of leaders retire, and a weapon to eradicate the greatest and loyalist troops. Execration becomes a component of us the day we join an army. We witness fights between friends, fights between leaders, we aurally perceive the gossip about a certain someone, we auricularly discern people behind other people’s backs. Hate is not just another emotion; it’s one of our most controlling emotions, and if we as an army don’t get our execration in check, we will be on a crash course to ravagement.

Hypocrisy is a commonly practiced every day in today’s community. Most people only visually perceive it in the media, though. Leaders will set out on a war campaign sought to ravage a certain thing. Albeit, what people don’t see is how hypocrisy is withal all around them in their everyday lives. A friend might say how a certain person is erroneous by doing something, but then turn around a do identically tantamount. Hypocrisy is a mundane thing in UMA, and where there is hypocrisy there is additionally hate, segregation, and prevaricates.

Lies are an immense thing now. People don’t think twice about being mendacious, but telling the truth is a major process for some. Some lies are so big that they engender this erroneous community around someone, and when that veil of lies is torn down the person who spewed the lies is shocked to find that no one trusts him/her. The lies that someone expresses are diminutive, but it’s when that person tells a plethora of little white lies that they commence to tell their own downfall. For once lies are broken into their truths, the lies regard as a thing to hate and vilipend. Lies are told both sizably voluminous and minute in both size and quantity. It’s only when they are revealed as erroneous that the people start disregarding what people verbally express, and trust is eradicated in a matter of minutes.

The community we know today is drowning in its own incognizance and corruption. Detestation engenders the feuds and wars we rage. Segregation in many ways divides people, armies, retired leaders, and veterans. Hypocrisy emanates from virtually every crack in the ground, and through billions of people’s teeth. Lies are among the worst; how people lie to an entire army, entire soldiers, and other members of their army. Hypocrisy is swept off our minds like dust, segregation is disregarded and obnubilated, hate is too mundane to be taken solemnly, and it seems that lies more facilely telling them the truth.

Coming Back

Emotions always sporadic running high then running low, especially when you’re inditing something this deep – something you’ve been wanting to relinquish for a long time, but had to refrain due to the amount of shit you got from certain people about “keeping things a secret”. I just want to be frank about the intricate situation that the UMA is currently under, which some of you may understand, and some of you may not. Once the Underground Mafias Army closes its doors for the last time, nobody will be able to reconstitute them without sanction. That’s right, if somebody wants to ‘reconstitute’ UMA, depending on that person the UMA league of retired godfathers will accumulate and debate on the matter, but it is very unlikely that we will come back given that our designation doesn’t show on CP – making auto inditing and recruiting infeasible for us.

Closing Words

This ends my explication of UMA shutting down, albeit, the short version UMA is so ineffable that I can never do it equity, and neither can anybody else who leads it. We strive to better understand our stances, to better understand our purport. We utilize UMA in many components of our persona: from the simple to the intricate. We should accept the notion of UMA’s virtue.

We should accept the implicative insinuations that come along with it. Letting sundry elucidations control our vocations is no way to work inside of this community. Fretting over whether to believe in something as being right or erroneous is preposterous because in doing so you have yet to answer the true question: what does it designate to you? If you can find an answer to that, then the rest is, as they verbalize, details.

No longer will you mull over the decision as being a right or erroneous one; no longer will you second conjecture a heartfelt emotion when UMA dies and endeavors to climb back up to the top. In doing this, you don’t become a drone, you are not becoming a self-indulgent cretin; on the contrary, you have understood YOUR mind.

You should know full well that the path you take is going to be the one that will lead you to where you require to be. It may have its twists and turns. It may send you through tribulations, but in the terminus, you will emerge headstrong, leaning toward what you are here for to thrive in this community, with much dutifulness, and with much perseverance. No person needs to be consulted. You have your reasons, and I believe I have expounded them to you (if not directly, then indirectly).

To those who don’t agree:  Ask yourself this, where has UMA been in the past few months? Nowhere. It’s been in the rubble for months and you fail to comprehend that UMA cannot just roll out of it and expect to come back spick-and-span – you’re forgetting that and the sooner you’re able to perceive the truth the better. We will leave behind personal retorts on each ideal and distribute them in their true resplendency — leaving it to the person reading this to accept or to reducible each on its own. Ideals are a very sensitive matter, but each ideal comes back to the fundamental acceptance of UMA closing its doors.

Note from Mach

It has been the biggest honor of my entire CPA Career to have been a UMA Leader and Legend, and to have contributed immensely to the legacy of this outstanding army. It has taken years of effort from all of the veterans and soldiers, as well as constant trial and error, but at long last: we have finally made it. The UMA is the greatest army of Club Penguin, and in my heart it always will be. No matter what hatred or adversity we faced from our enemies, the one thing that truly stuck out to me in the end was that of it all was that even when we were getting sizes of 40-50+, there only ever were a few true legends who genuinely cared about the army, from January 2007 when Pink Mafias founded the army, until now, the very day where I use my power as a UMA Godfather to close her down. I want to personally thank my heroes in UMA:

Wgfv, for giving me the chance to start my career, no matter how much of a failure I was, no matter how inconsistent I was, you never shamed me when UMA was maxing sizes of 10, and you made me feel proud when I was able to get UMA to 30. Even though you’ve long gone, you inspired me to push forward.

Eyes, for truly making me who I am, and being my best friend, and basically my older brother. You were always someone I could look to for advice, and when you left I was deeply saddened, but it was from the lessons you taught me that helped me become the leader that I am today, in shutting this army down.

If I could, I would personally thank every person who has ever served the Underground Mafias Army at some point in time. I would tell them that they contributed to the greatest experience in CPA history, and they made many, many people, including themselves, happy. We’ve always given it everything we’ve got with this army, because we love it. Fight the bad.

For one last time,

Goodbye UMA.

33 Responses

  1. Although I agree with this decision, I am still in shock, oddly enough I agree and disagree. In 2009, I joined this army, in 2011, I was given the key to this car, which went from a 1978 Ford Pinto to a 2012 Lamborghini, and I enjoyed every single second of it. I made friends here, I established a near brotherly bond with the great leaders of this generation like Eyes, WG, NP, Paco and my best bud Mach. I thank this army for everything, and I truly mean it. Thank you for gracing the likes of this community for nearly 8-9 years.

  2. Like Lild, I am indeed in shock of the decision. Albeit, I knew it was always inevitable. UMA hasn’t been UMA for quite awhile. For months, it has been a whisper of a dream of what it once was. The few recruits we did manage to acquire in the past few months were told stories of the legendary UMA, one of the greats. I always felt we were lying. UMA hasn’t been that army for along time. It’s time to let go.

    UMA will always be a big part of my childhood, I met many friends that lasted years, and UMA helped me grow as a person. UMA was there for me in a time when I needed a place to belong, I wish I could’ve been there for UMA when it needed the same.

    Thanks to all of you, who comprised UMA, for giving me something I don’t think I ever would’ve found anywhere else at the time.

    RIP Underground Mafias Army

  3. I grew up here, nothing more then this army meant to me I was not lifeless it was you guys who made me this person. You guys made me addicted to UMA and I’ve enjoyed every single second of it these memories will never die I’m happy that I did everything I could for this wonderful legendary army UMA fought till the end. Maybe this journey was not that smooth but the amount of stuff I’ve gained from this virtual world is not explainable. Always imagined how this day would be when UMA would shut down, but never knew it would actually hurt so much it actually feels to me as if one of my good friends just lost his life. Very painful, UMA I loved you I love you and I always will love you and.

    Wg and Daniel I was just here for a year, but you two… You two have cared about this army more then anyone else I would count you two as the creators instead of pm, I cant imagine how bad this would be for you guys. UMA had just so much in it, the people the fun the everything. This day was coming I could feel it but as I said din’t know that it would be so painful. The days I would come running home and come on UMA and be a noob and ask stupid questions to you Daniel and Wg, I have just so much to remember and so much to say. Maybe this is how it had to end we all were just to stubborn to accept it that our cancer was on the last stage and the doctor said that we had no chances of surviving. UMA meant more to me then somethings in real life I had prioritized UMA so much the events would come first then would come my homework, I would first finish posting the Ausia events this week and then go down to play with my friends. In UMA I had the motivation to actually do something it made me responsible. The people I’ve met in this army have helped me acquire real life skills how do I frame it? I don’t know I don’t want to stop writing here, I want to go on and on and on so much in 1 year its just so much. Maybe I took this virtual world a little too seriously but OH BOY this was one heck of a ride. Thanks UMA thanks a lot and I love you all UMA may you rest in peace. ❤

    One last time goodbye UMA ❤
    yours, Rockyiceman1.

  4. I feel I caused a big part of this, my health was always my biggest concern, and I feel the only thing I’ve ever done of importance was be Rockys mentor and admin the short lived UMAD(UMADaily) . I always said my health was under control, it was not. And still isnt. I lied, I lied hoping I could push through it. And in the end I just made empty promises. UMA was a gem of a army. Everyone was accepting and nice. And now its all gone. With UMA closed down I have no reason to stay in armies. I may linger on chats, but other then that. I’m done. I’m 17. And I should move on. Daniel, Derek, Rocky, etc. You ALL were my friends And you always will be. Do good in life, mine may be almost completely ruined, but all of you have bright futures, take this from a guy who has danced with death; you can have a great future, and I can tell you all will not disapoint. If you guys have xbox, I’m on Rusty Bump3r

    If not, On facebook my full name is Tristan Lewthwaite. Goodbye my friends. RIP UMA, and RIP my career. I am SO VERY SORRY UMA.

    So very sorry.

  5. Never thought I’d see the person who deleted our original site close UMA. Times change. You own UMA. Glad to see you finally putting this army to rest, though.

  6. I got a headache from reading that whole post. But damn it was a good one. So long UMA, and sorry for defacing you.

  7. Farewell UMA, you guys will remain a legend. RIP

  8. From RUMA to UMA I have always stuck around.. I don’t regret it one bit. RIP UMA, 2006-2014

  9. Give me two people that’s activate and dedicated, and I’d lead UMA to the top. The army is too perfect to shut it down (My opinion). It has everything an army needs. But hey, RIP UMA.

  10. RIP UMA. Had some fun times here as a kid.

  11. The best army I have ever had the privilege to lead. This post was beautifully written and I can’t think of anybody else who could have written it better with such eloquence.

  12. Hey daddy *winks*

  13. RIP to the greatest army that has ever lived.

    Fight the bad


  14. Dan you wrote this with sheer amazement and I’m so glad that you did this. It’s sad to see this great army shut down but you did what was right and I commend and respect you for your ultimate decision, with or without G’s decision.

  15. Well this post is a bit old.
    But l used to be in UMA when l was 12-13, – l am 16 right now. I remember when UMA was number 1st in the top ten. Everything was changing. But you know UMA is the hardest army to rise, l know and l can feel it. For all of these people l knew, l’ll miss them as well. Just as a thought, l agreed with Lild.
    I made friends, l laugh, l enjoy it, and l was always there for UMA back then. I felt sorry when l didn’t come back to rejoin before UMA close down.
    Anyway, I’ll miss you guys, and l’ll miss UMA.Thanks you for helping this army nearly 9 years. I really like UMA, and im gonna miss it. [2015 is close] Rest in peace UMA.
    I gotta thanks Dan for helping UMA, and keeping them alive is what godfathers suppose to be. ;’)

  16. I joined UMA in 2009 when the CP WW4 started. I had my best times there and we won it was like a huge celebration from getting revenge on ACP.

    I retired from CP in 2011 and havent been on here in forever until now. I had my best times with this army and will never forget it.

    Thank, Pink Mafia and the other leaders for having this army go on for 8-9 years. Nothing lasts forever. Goodbye Uma.

  17. Bye my sweet prince

  18. I know I may not be well known even throughout all of my hard work in the UMA, I will still miss this as much as a child misses his crib. I will always remember the likes of Berat2Beti, Notru, Daniel, Wgfv, Derek, Teal, and many more of the people iv’e been lucky enough to meet throughout the years in UMA. I also want to say, fuck Seth, and long live UMAs legacy.

  19. What the hell is this? Times are hard, so you just throw your hands in the air and give up? That’s not the UMA that I know and led. I’m very late to this conversation but I am deeply disappointed with the decision.

    -Lots of Pie, former UMA leader

  20. Aha Uma… How you’ve grown.. This post blew me away. Eyes, you have grown up so much over the years and I am glad that you had taken the role of writing this post. I have had so many unforgettable memories over the year that I will carry with me forever. RIP UMA.

    Fight the bad.

  21. This post brings plenty of emotions. I was never in UMA but I remember the highs UMA had and the lows that UMA had which dragged on until now and its a shame.

    UMA has arguably the greatest legacy out there. Pink Mafias stands as one of the greatest army leaders of all time and UMA was one of the first organized armies and with that one of the first world powers and one of the greatest.

    The effect UMA had on CP armies was widespread and helped set us on a great path which is fairly shitty now compared to what it was but in the coming year of 2015 – over seven years since it all started we can only hope that this community finds a way to restore itself.

    UMA will always remain legend. RIP UMA.

  22. christ..

  23. Bring em back for these last battles!


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