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The Protectors

Hello UMA,

It has certainly been a while since I have posted here. However, in regards to the recent events, I feel the need to make this statement. It is a simple one. Daniel and myself are not bad people. We do not wish to micromanage this army any longer. We have not effectively led this army since our respective retirements in July. Daniel and I do not have designs on leading again. If we wanted to, we would have done so by now.

The veterans that lie, manipulate, and attempt to spread depravity – those are the people to whom you should be wary of. They are the ones who cannot take power, so they feel the need to uproot this army. Let today serve as an example, if you listen to the veterans.

Daniel and I have, more than anybody, protected, built, and wish for the prosperity of this army. The graphics that you are looking at were designed by him. The domain that you are on, is registered and paid by me. Believe us when we say that we want this army to succeed.

Because of these reasons, we deem ourselves as the rightful people to watch over this army. This has nothing to do with power. It is simply a fact due to our impeccable credentials and years of service.  We will not interfere with the workings or function of the army. The only time that we will step in is if there is a great crisis and we have been called.

Under our continued protection, we wish the current administration the very best in all their endeavors.


Wgfv – Former Head of State & Military

Daniel – Former Head of State & Military

One Response

  1. Baa.
    *Eats grass*
    *Gives Grass*

    Good job watching over UMA, now eat. Good stuff.


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