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A new beginning.

Hello UMA,

Depression and depression for months for weeks, whom to blame for it those 90 leaders who said big things but dint even get UMA to max 5?

No today I am finally saying it that I am self-confident and I believe that I can do what not every ordinary UMA leader has done before my dedication my loyalty and my work will not sit quite now I announce solo dictatorship. I being the dictator of UMA now announce that all rules and policy’s will be decided by me UMA will work the way I want it to, respect is there in me for everyone but now no veteran, former leader, former troop can stop me from doing what I want I’m leader for a reason and I know what I’m doing Wg and Daniel have said it do what you must do to make UMA rise and now I’m not sitting quite I’ve seen many people take this army into dust and I believe I wont be in that category. I’ve not gone mad and I’ve not lost my mind let me get haters let people oppose me but I will not stop what I think is the right to do UMA means a lot to me work with me and we together will flip the history of UMA I may be the 100th to say these sentences but you know that 1 person out of a 100 can be very different.

Niceguy and Step former UMA leaders have decided to retire and lead a different army so this is how the new owner ranks stand, I will be hiring those people for owner who I believe are right for UMA.

 UMA Dictator 


 photo mainownerline_zps1059caaa.png



 Mafia Second in Command 

Mach, Alina, Dunno

Mafia Third in Command


I vow to take UMA out of its depression and I will not stop giving in my very best until Wg or Daniel feel that I need to be removed, I’m not gonna try I’ve tried enough now I’m gonna do it all changes will take place soon.

– Rocky

4 Responses

  1. UMA is on its last legs. We gotta get it up again. Meet me on chat. All of you. We gotta talk.

  2. […] Excerpt from his post on the UMA site. […]

  3. I was legit going to tell Nice to comeback today. I’ve had a change of heart. Hmu on xat.

  4. rocky, we need to talk asap


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