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Annual Legend Inductions 2014 || Results of the Popular Vote

Prepare for the September 6th Training Event!

Greetings and salutations, my fellow members of the UMA, and the CP Army Community. With much gratitude I am happy to announce to base votes that the candidates have received. To give a reminder, the person(s) with the highest amount of votes didn’t necessarily win. The popular vote will be taken into high consideration when discussion between the legends takes place. However, here are the results of the popular vote! Without further adieu, the results of the comment poll…


6 outsider votes

1 insider votes

8 total votes


20 outsider votes

5 insider votes

30 total votes


13 outsider votes

1 insider votes

15 total votes


0 outsider votes

2 insider votes

4 total votes


10 outsider votes

2 insider votes

14 total votes

Angel G8i

2 outsider votes

0 insider votes

2 total votes


23 outsider votes

8 insider votes

39 total votes


3 outsider votes

1 insider votes

5 total votes

Step Up 646

2 outsider votes

3 insider votes

8 total votes


12 outsider votes

1 insider votes

14 total votes

In simple terms, here is the list in order of most to least points:

  1. Rockyiceman139 votes
  2. Sarge30 votes
  3. Aaronstone42 15 votes
  4. Abercrombie29/Max4381014 votes
  5. Lild423/Step Up 6468 votes
  6. Niceguy095 votes
  7. Jtrotter 4 votes
  8. Angel G8i2 votes

Thank you all for voting in the Annual Legend Inductions for 2014, and we are very grateful that you all came and voted. We will keep you updated as to if your favorite nominee has been selected for legend status. The final list of new legends should be released sometime this weekend!

-Much love, UMA Prime Minister, Mach

3 Responses

  1. Congratulations to all the participants in this year’s legend inductions. Results coming in soon on who will be inducted. Get ready for the mandatory Training Session this Saturday!

    Much love, UMA Prime Minister, Mach

  2. Hey this is spiff…. I got in a, uhh “medical accident” I wont specify what it is/was, but I’ll try to be back on within tonight or the next day or so.


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