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Introducing The Mafia Training School.

Hello UMA, 


UMA is proud to introduce its new MTS (Mafia Training School) every time UMA climbs it falls and to avoid that this time we are going to be as professional as we can be, when new recruits join UMA they should understand things like auto-typing so when tomorrow they be the leaders they don’t fail. 

Recruiting is the most important ingredient to make an army rise if some of you don’t recruit or hate recruiting then the troops watching you will do the same when they become an higher rank. Our troops need to be well trained from the start ever wondered why China does the best in olympics? Cause they train kids and then those kids represent their nation and win gold medals when they grow up, in the MTS we will do our best to make the best out of you.

Every army has many hidden talents and many soldiers have the capability of doing great but they sometimes fail to cause they find it hard to differentiate whats the right and whats the wrong, so the MTS will be run by Verum our new 4ic and by me we will as I said try our best to make you all professionals in your category if you are a mod we will teach you ways to be the best mod if you are a owner we will teach your ways to be the best owner and if you are a member then we will teach you ways to be the best member so tomorrow when a leader steps down the army wont have to go and search for someone better, we will create our own stars and then we wont need to find outsiders to take care of our army.

For now all owners and a few interested mods will be joining the MTS later as we grow it will be compulsory for all soldiers and there will be examinations as we want our members to be fully ready before they move on to being a mod.

– Rockyiceman



One Response

  1. Very good idea, rocky 🙂


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