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The Coup d’etat of Coolster114

After a God awful August that killed this summer’s success and momentum, kicked out the young blood triumverative (Myself, Nice, and Rocky), and just brought disgust to our glorious reputation, I have decided to end it all. It was pretty hard to watch, but at the same time hysterical due to previous shit talking prior to this era, but all things come to an end. I hereby impeach Coolster114. I have multiple reasons, and the support of veterans to follow for such an action. Reasons go as follow;

  • Sheer hypocrisy. Claimed the UMAnian Empire was a dictatorship when established Democracy, then called himself a dictator. 
  • The disability to make this army rise. Basically killed our excellent July momentum.
  • Kicking out the triumverative intended to be the future of the UMA. Started with me, then he impeached Nice and Rocky, who slowly stayed before leaving on own decisions and personal reasons.
  • Failure to keep UMA above small.UMA struggled in the bottom SMAP top 10.
  • Trash talking unappreciated by former veterans.
  • Terrible activity. I rarely saw Coolster on UMA chat when it was active.
  • The balls to even close UMA in the first place. UMA is one of the greats, that’s not ment to be.

This is time for a revolution. This is time to make change. I reach open arms to everyone in armies to join my conquest. Ranks are open and ready to be filled in. I hope to see some people by my side.

For now, we will rebuild. It will take some time but will be done.

Step – UMA Leader

15 Responses

  1. Thank the gods.

  2. Step, what is up with ranks? I mean, I’m a 3ic, and it says that all spots are open?

  3. About fucking time.

  4. Praise Jesus

  5. Je ѕuis arriѵé sսr tօn post par mégarde et je ne le regrette pas du tout !

  6. Vοus publiez tߋujours des postes passionnants

  7. Encoге un pkst réellement attrayant

  8. Ѵos post sont visiblement plaisants

  9. Je ѵais dire quue cϲe n’est guère faux …

  10. Un іmposant remerciement au créateur dde cce blog

  11. Ѵous rédigez tоսjours des posts passionnants

  12. J’écris ce com afin de congratսler l’administrateur


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