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One Year Of Love. (Rockyiceman’s Retirement)

Hello UMA,

On 11th August 2013 I had joined the Underground Mafias Army with zero experience I was a new noob in the cp army community I was recruited from club penguin by the Nachos and then one day I found out about UMA and joined immediately I basically have no words to describe this wonderful journey. 

I started as a 3ic mod I actually had no clue on what to do I just did whatever the leaders at that time told me to do, slowly slowly I evolved and I became a better soldier I remember the times when I used to sit in the school library and recruit with Daniel instead of doing my work lol. This journey has given me a lot to learn I believe I’ve not only learned about how a cp army is to be led but I’ve also developed many real life skills. I made plenty of sacrifices for UMA like staying up all night and a few times missed school for events as I got owner I was told about the 1 army rule that time I had my own army called SBA the Snow Blizzard Army I used to lead it with my best friend Martin we got 11th on CPAC and then I posted my retirement there. He got pissed off and yes I could not explain him my love for UMA I could not explain him that I don’t care that I just killed my own army which had the potential to rise higher, because for me only UMA was everything I never regret those decisions. I had a life I was not a nerd sitting on the computer who has nothing else to do other then playing club penguin I enjoyed every bit of my life while working so hard for UMA I always used to see others out there begging for promotion. But I used to be like who gives a damn about promotions, my purpose on being in this army was to have fun learn stuff and then of course the main thing which was to be loyal. Promotions always came to me I never asked for them and maybe that is why I actually can say I had a lot of fun over here. When I got leader which was only like 7 months ago I started feeling the heavy duty on my shoulders. But I said to myself that this army gave me this rank because they believe I’m fit for it and so I cannot fail, I sometimes cannot believe that its only been a year. Everyone in UMA from legends to leaders to mods have all supported me a lot that is why from a noob I became leader. Few leaders used to call me the future of UMA and to be honest I never thought much about the future my goal was to keep doing the right stuff and have fun.

Then things happen you know you become more popular more friends and more enemies, I grew up things started getting a lot more serious but I never gave up I had to do my best when UMA fell down and it was a very difficult time cause I had never been in such a situation before. But with Wg and others we managed to bring it back now days the cycle keeps repeating and things happen as I said. Today I retire from UMA because I believe it is in the wrong hands I respect our current emperor Coolster as he is a UMA legend. But over the past few weeks there have been a lot of politics played in the army many owners/leaders are aware of that and I was told that I need to do the same for my personal success but that is the point. If I was only in UMA for power and personal achievements why did I not ask for promotions?. My goal was to make UMA rise and learn things out of it and of course having fun, I could not stand the politics the UMA Ausia division collapsed and the emperor was responsible for it. The army has not been doing well and I know why there are complicated long issues and I have a right to fight back for my personal rights but it has been affecting the army very badly. I know that the army situation can get worse but nothing can be done about it unless the one in charge steps up and does what is to be done, I lost this battle maybe UMA can now move on working as a team and battle other armies for competition not battling others in the army itself. I never caused these internal battles as my objective was to work as a team but I believe the other one was jealous of me and he tried his very best to take me down but at what cost? look today our army we have gone down. Yes I think UMA has only failed due to this sole reason if someone only wants power and reputation in the army then how can we ever rise?. How can we ever get back on our feet?, I think that after Wg retired the right leader should have stepped up to take his position. I never say I am a great leader but its better to have something then having nothing, the person was aiming for this which was to somehow get me out of the army so he remains as the only person who can rule UMA. I could take action but I was aware that doing so would affect my army UMA.

Despite of all this I am happy for my time in UMA I learned a lot and I did a lot here I truly had a wonderful time, I would like to thank these people for being the reason of my wonderful journey.

Wgfv: The best leader I’ve ever seen, I don’t know the right words for him he is just so awesome I thank him a lot for literally everything.

Daniel: He accepted me he never ignored me in my early days despite me being such a terrible noob he made me grasp my leadership skills, I had a wonderful time with him I had fun doing everything with him from playing minecraft with him to begging him for his cp item adder I always admired his words for me so much that I would dance every time he praised me and I’m not lying XD.  

Aaron: I don’t know much about Aaron but I remember in my early days in UMA he was the one who made me get 3ic and I thank him for that.

Berat: More then anyone else Berat was the one who always had faith in me he trusted me in every move I made he believed I was the future of UMA and I thank him for trusting me and supporting me so much.

Lild: I never got to know what Lild thinks about me but I respect him a lot he is a great leader and I am happy that I could learn things from him.

Spiff: Get well soon he is a friend anyone would want unfortunately we dint get much time together as he got sick later, I remember working for his UMAD site they were fun days and I know he will get alright and will return.

Mach: My grandpa he was just epic.

Niceguy: You are a great leader and a great friend I’m sure UMA will do great with you Nice.

Pink Mafias: I’ve met him only like once or twice but I can and I’m sure no one can ever thank him enough for creating UMA, because of him I and I’m sure many others out there got the chance to experience so much.

Sorry if I forgot to mention someone, honestly I love you everyone in UMA.

I’ve had epic memories in UMA but this one was the greatest of them all:

I know some people are not happy about me retiring but please understand I’m not in UMA anymore but indirectly my love and my loyalty is always there hidden in UMA.

My chapter with the Underground Mafias Army closes here long live UMA

– Love Rockyiceman1. 




11 Responses

  1. I woke up from my medically induced coma, took a piss in the urethra tube *shivers* and logged on here and see this… Rocky… Dont go. You are a prime example of the next generation of CP armies. You are one of the best. And You should stay, while I agree with you when it comes to the leader stuff, UMA is like a Pendulum, sure it can be knocked back alot, but it ALWAYS comes back swinging. And thats what will happen with UMA. I know it will. Please dont leave rocky, your one of the finest apprentices I have ever been a mentor too, atleast stay around just in case! You have only been in CP for a YEAR, a year! I’ve been here for 7! Dont go, we can ill afford a great soldier like you ):

    But if you do gotta go, well then good luck too ya. You’re a great person and very smart, aswell as a quick learner. Good luck in the future, and stay in touch!

    • Spiff I pray for you everyday I’m sure you will be alright and we will stay in touch always. And you know actually I left UMA without any tension cause I know there is you and there are others out there like you who will not let this legacy die, if you think I did good in UMA then hold yourself and other people like Wg responsible for it I can never thank you guys enough you all are great.

  2. I wasn’t in UMA for long with you, but you have been amazing in what I have seen. I am sad to see you leave us but best of luck with the rest of your career.

  3. Thanks a lot Daniel those words mean a lot to me thank you for everything I respected you and I will always. I really did not understand what loyalty meant in a cp army you were the one who helped me take the baby steps and once again thanks no matter how many times I repeat that word it still wont be enough I stand today on my feet because of you Daniel. Good luck for your life I’m glad that I got the chance to work under you.

  4. Goodbye Rocky, I didn’t work with you here for long and hopefully you have fun with what you’re doing, keep in touch my brother.

  5. Rocky, for as long as I known you in UMA, you were a great troop. Now, you became a leader. And now I see this. rocky, UMA will miss you dearly. You have been a wonderful leader. Thank you, and goodbye.

  6. Rocky you were a great friend and an even better leader, I felt that you were someone I could always trust and you could always back me up and I can’t thank you enough for how good of a friend you were to me and your loyalty to this army.

  7. I like you. You’re a good kid, it may seem like I hate all current UMA but I don’t, I just don’t like to sugar coat things, I don’t like telling lies nor do I like being lied to. I am sorry if I come off as hating you, but I like you and I respect you and your loyalty. Best of luck to you.

  8. Wow,Why is it everytime I leave for a day someone from either IW or UMA retires 😦 well cya rocky


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