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Message to “Itachi6Dark”

Coolster: You’ve met your end, Elitesof. Your pathetic lies aren’t as cute as they were originally. Your hatred towards this legendary army serves only as a hindrance to yourself – you can keep trying to demolish us, yet know that you’re attempts are futile and will allow us to gain a grasp of your weak points. You’ve pushed your luck too far; we’ll expose you like a rat in a dungeon. Know that the Underground Mafias Army has avenged all comrades who had their name tarnished in the past; we’ll continue to do so as we see fittingly. In other words, we’ll put an end to the corrupt sentences that currently pour out of your mouth.

Elitesof you’re a pathological liar who thinks that posing as a UMA legend will get you anywhere. You clearly didn’t dig deep enough to learn more about Itachi’s past history as you’re missing a few details. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Itachi was a pure-blooded pervert — Anybody who has been in UMA (or at least the majority) knows that Itachi was a full-grown pervert during his time in the UMA. Itachi would take a total disregard to troops feelings and would continue to be a complete and utter pervert towards anyone who joined or was actually in the army.
  2. Kind of odd how Itachi just suddenly reappeared — Even though a year ago when he popped by he stated that he wouldn’t ever rejoin an army again (multiple UMA veterans can vouch for me that he visited last year) because he got caught up in a few things in his personal life. I also find it peculiar that “Itachi” would return out of nowhere and take a total disregard to his home army, UMA. Whenever Itachi visits he always pays a visit to his brothers and sister over at UMA. It was a grave mistake for this “Itachi” to join the RPF, I mean we all know that Itachi did hate the RPF during his time here — which is why we, the veterans of UMA, are confident that this is either Elitesof trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, or just some petulant little child who didn’t research enough.
  3. RPF is discoloured — RPF seem to peddle of the notion that bringing an old legend back to the army helps them. Let me make something perfectly clear to all of those RPF halfwits who think that making a fresh-account and using someone else’s name is cool (ironic coming from me). It won’t help your army, I can promise you that. You seem to think that bringing back someone like Itachi is going to boost morale, when really it won’t.

Even your own ADVISOR is having trouble believing the lies that you spew. Having second thoughts I suppose.

“Itachi” showing how much of a “nice soul” he is.

Again I will reiterate that Itachi would never join the RPF for the obvious reasons. The UMA and the RPF have a long dark history that certain veterans of the UMA would never put behind them (I happen to be one of them, and so does Itachi).  RPF you’re honestly being very silly when it comes to plucking people to impersonate. A UMA legend, really? That’s a mistake. Some of us UMA veterans know the older-veterans very well  you’re just lucky that I woke up to Wgfv messaging me on kik asking me if I had contact with Itachi, because if he hadn’t then I wouldn’t have made this post for a good few days.

I don’t like the fact that you’re plucking legends from random armies and just dropping them inside of RPF as if they have been there for years. I know for a fact that Itachi would never act as “formal” as he did in that picture, because as I said earlier, he was a pure-blooded pervert who took a total disregard to people’s feelings. Another reason would be that RPF is a “child friendly army” — which is a major flaw because as I said before, Itachi isn’t friendly around noobs who don’t understand.

And when did Itachi join Night Warriors? Let me set the record straight for you here. Itachi is an UMA legend which means that Vendetta, Tomb, Vince, or whoever the hell was leading Night Warriors during that time period, even if he had promised to denounce UMA (which he wouldn’t, because he set up the UMA council). Itachi was a very loyal UMA leader and wouldn’t just toss his former army out of the window to join Night Warriors, who, must I add, hated the UMA due to Wgfv accusing the Night Warriors of using bots during the 2 week war we had with them.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that Itachi does indeed still come on XAT, just not on Club Penguin Chats. Most of the UMA veterans know that Itachi does occasionally visit the UMA under a Pokémon alias every once in a while. We do know that he skulks around on certain Pokémon during his own time, but that is all we know regarding his whereabouts. 

Message to Elitesof

How about you grow up and move on? You posing as a UMA legend/veteran won’t help you whatsoever. Itachi had very little influence inside of this community and only ever had a tad of influence when he was in CPUN with Dee so I highly suggest you re-evaluate yourself before you get your legend status removed by the hierarchy of this community.

To those who think this “Itachi” is real  you’ve been blinded by the wool.


5 Responses

  1. […] 1:40 PM EST: Daniel, UMA Leader, has published a post on the UMA site denouncing Itachi6dark as a […]

    Remember when RPF was good? Oh wait………… If they love bringing back UMA legends why not just merge back? Elitesof and all that RPF stands for is scum. The stuff on the bottom of my shoe has more respect and integrity then RPF.

  3. Clappin 4 “Itachi”.

    Besides, Itachi came from a time of name styles that didn’t involve Capital letters, it would be much more likely that his name would be something very different.

  4. Eh, can the Elite Troopers have a practice battle with UMA?
    August 9th, 2014
    11:30 PST
    7:30pm GMT
    12:30am MST
    1:30pm CST
    2:30PM EST

  5. That Itachi kid is a kid from Elms summer leadership posing as Itachi to get attention. He went by it4chi. Also, Uma and RPF were brother allies at a lot of points in history. 2008,2010,2011,2012, etc. Uma doesn’t have a dark history with them. More like an ups and downs history.


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