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HELLO UMA! I am Keynikki, and I am a new 3ic to UMA. Now, Percy said to not post anything dumb.. But I said I was gonna do this and he let me.. THANK YOU, MR. PERCY!

Now, UMA, i’m loyal to it. It was my, what, 2nd army? Lets say that. UMA is fun, but always silent.. So I always decide to bring on the sun so we can have some fun! I take random pics and share them with you!

I have my own Youtube channel.. No idea how to make a Channel Art, but I am learning how to.

Now, let me stop being crazy. Let me be normal for a change, and let me calm down. Now, I am calmed down, and lets talk about my experience.
I am a UMA 3ic now, I am an ACP Sergeant Major, I lead an army, I am a 3ic in a tiny, unknown army. Now, I have much more experience, BUT, and that’s a big but, I do not want you guys to get bored, now, do I? Of course I don’t!

Well, that’t pretty much it. My goal as a UMA 3ic is for UMA to be effective. Now, every leader knows what that means. It means to have fun, be active, and be loyal. I want our troops to be effective. Thank you for taking the time to read this post 😀

~Keynikki, UMA 3ic


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