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A New Start

Coolster EDIT: Nice post. I’m just informing you guys that I’m going to be inconsistent with my activity these next few days. I’ve not been on much over the past two-three days anyways, so it shouldn’t affect us much. However, I don’t want to come on to see us in a decline of some sort – this has happened MANY times in the past when I’ve returned from a short period of inactivity, and trust me it’s annoying.

It is obvious that recent activities have lead to me writing this post. I don’t have the best grammar or spelling for that matter, but it doesn’t take a genius to recognize this is not the best we could do. I’m disgusted to say the least, we know we’re capable of doing much better. Despairing and fighting won’t get us anywhere, we’re here to have fun. It seems that some of us have become too attached to this army to know what fun is. The only reason we’re still here is to make our beloved army do well. I say enough of this despairing nonsense, it doesn’t help the army nor does it help us push forward. Like myself, all of us want this army to succeed and advance in strength. In order to that we must stop the pointless bickering and work together. Act like you want to be here, this is UMA for god’s sake, be proud to represent this legendary army. We’ve achieved great things in our 7 year existence, that alone is great in itself. We’ve been alive for 7 years. Let that sink in. But in order to survive we must evolve and stop dwelling on the past. UMA has had a roller coaster of a journey through success and failure, we must stop thinking about failure. By that I mean we must stay original and most importantly have fun. We’re UMA, we’re nothing like any other army in this community. We’re not the good guy, we’re here to kick ass. We must stay original and offer new things to the table, a new and fresh UMA. Don’t get the idea into your heads that we must be like every other army, because what makes UMA great is the fact we’re NOTHING like any other army. Stop thinking about failure and strive forwards to success. Starting off with our fresh start I’d like to introduce changing our uniform and penguin colour. This is a bright idea, but offcourse we’d only introduce it if it’s what the army wants. This Summer has been highly anticipated, and we must use it to our advantage. The Golden Age starts here, the Summer is ours for the taking. Starting with LT tommorow, bring the fight to them!



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