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||The Return of Shad||

Hello everyone,

I know you already know that I rejoined, but this is my official return post.

For those of you who may or may not know me, I am Shad. I am a former leader of UMA, I am not well liked by Daniel[Eyes] because of my past although I have done only good things in UMA, but the reason he doesn’t like me is because I left for high ranked armies and lead them to better glory instead of us. Now under this I will be making an official swear in for this army that will be starting today. First I want to state some things and lay them on the line.

I left RPF 2 for UMA because for one, UMA is an army that I have always admired and always wanted to prove myself and others that I have unfinished bussiness here and also want to end my legacy with UMA. I also want to get UMA to be where it should be in Armies, in the top 3 area and remain there. UMA should be a well respected army  that can stay in the top 3 rankings without a doubt like it use to be. UMA is known for legendary uprisings and being the underdogs, yes thats good, but lets change that, lets be known for being the TOP dogs that just won’t die. Lets be something that we haven’t been in awhile.

UMA, we are the Underground Mafias Army and we will always be around. Lets become active once again, lets rise again and stay that way. UMA, it’s our time to take the spot light, it’s our time to stop handing the spotlight over, we will be the dominant feared army once again.

As leader, I will help make these changes and bring back some good things in this army. I will bring back The Shad Bulletin and I will be making free graphics for UMA via Central Studios. Every Sunday will be the release of The Shad Bulletin. promise to make UMA fun and serious both at the same time.

The Swear In

I, Shad, promise to remain loyal to The Underground Mafias Army and stay active as much as possible and to not join any other army. I promise to be in no other army except UMA. If I so happen to leave UMA for any army other thatn UMA, I shall be stripped of all UMA relations and added to the UMA Hall of Shame immediately.

We Will Not Die


Honor. Revenge. Commitment


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