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||Mess with UMA, You Mess With Me||

Edit: War with Reds has ended

Message To Elitesof

So Reds, Elitesof, you declare war on UMA huh? Well guess what, Elitesof, you mess with UMA, you mess with me also my good friend. I was gonna join an army, but then I got word that you guys decided to declare war on UMA and called UMA a disgrace to armies. What? A disgrace to armies? Dafuq  you think you are? You might be a legend, but you are nowhere legend enough to call a certain army a disgrace. So guess what? I’m taking UMA’s side. It’s a matter of time before I get accepted as leader. Trust me Elitesof, this is gonna be fun kicking your ass.

Now to Reds, you guys might be a new returning army, but one thing UMA doesn’t do is back down from a fight. We aren’t meant to be b***hes like you guys are always opening and closing down every other week or so, we stay open and don’t ever die out. Once I get accepted as leader, this army will be growing. Reds, prepare for a fight worth fighting for because we are not ever merging, the fact that Elitesof even thought we would merge, is a joke. Especially the fact he wanted UMA to shut down. HELL NO, GET PREPARED BECAUSE UMA WILL NOT DIE!

Now for the army, UMA get prepared to show Reds who we are, show them that they messed with the wrong army for the last time. Show them what we are meant to be, an elite fighting force not to be dealt with. Show them that we come together as a family to defeat foolish armies like themselves. Reds are ALL talk with NO backing. We can talk trash because we can back it up unlike them! UMA, it’s time to come together once again as a family and kick them to the curb. This Army we are fighting is just a monthly army that comes around once a month just to die out again. UMA, Let Do This!

Defense of Chinook:

When: July 25th, 2014

Where: Chinook

Time:8:30pm est, 7:30pm  cst, 6:30pm  mst, 5:30pm  pst, 4:30 am GMT


Time to burn in hell Reds 


We Will Not Die

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  1. Bring it lol


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