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Sorry about this post.

I heard Elitesof declared war on UMA so I felt the need to reply to him since he’s so illiterate and absent-minded.

It’s not every day that you see a 21-year-old Club Pegnuin Army leader with a daughter declare war on another army led by 15 year olds, is it? Didn’t think so.

You’re trying to tell me that we’re a disgrace to the Club Penguin Army community? How can that be? Perhaps it’s because of our past war experience with armies like Nachos, ACP, IW, AR? Maybe it is because Elitesof is so warped in his own little bubble that he can’t accept the fact he’s a soaked up little plebeian who finds pleasure in calling out armies he knows will take down his little “fortified army”. Or maybe he wants to try to prove to every body that he still has leading skills (he never had any in the first place, believe me).

Your army is a waste of space and a waste of time.

UMA is such a waste of time that you’re going to SPEND TIME invading servers when you said so yourself that UMA is a waste of time? Nice logic you’ve got going there Elitesof. You’re 21 years of age and struggle to string something logical together, so please go back to school or something because you clearly lack the understanding to write a post that somebody will understand without combusting into laughter.

You will lose to us and Honestly you should have been declared dead a long time ago.

Now you’re deciding to be honest? It’s about time. I mean since the truth is already out and everybody knows that you’re not Korn, maybe this is a start for a pathological lair like yourself.

So you have two options. Win or merge. After this is complete your army will now be apart of Reds.

So you’ve given UMA two options and then as soon as you say that you come right out with a demand in which you know will not happen. You should honestly pick up on what you’re writing because that post you just wrote looks like one big dismal mess.

Just brush up on your writing skills and come back to me when UMA will take you seriously.

Hate-filled Goodbyes,


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