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It is Time To Pick Up The Reins

Hello UMA,

It is time to stop slacking, we are not going to just get 50 on Club Penguin with the blink of a eye. We must work for our glory. What happened to the words “Join The Legends” on our Banner? It is time to actually become Legends. Sounds exciting right? We wanted 2014 to be the Year of the Mafia, and it is not too late.


Here is a list of armies that have gotten First on Club Penguin Army Central Top Ten’s:

Army Of Club Penguin


Rebel Penguin Federation

Light Troops

Night Warriors

Dark Warriors

Ice Warriors

Doritos of Club Penguin

Golden Troops

Special Weapons And Tactics

Army Republic

 Hot Sauce Army

Shadow Troops


If all these armies have become the largest, is there any reason why we can’t follow their steps? Is there anyone reading this who was in the battle of Mammoth in 2006? We got over 100 on Club Penguin, we were the largest army ever made. Is there any reason why we can’t do this again? No. There is no reason in the world.

Here is a little story for you guys about me:

I was once thrown into the leadership of a dying Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT), we only had Ganger, Starz, and I, and our troops of course. And I said to my army, “Boys, we are going to make a million”. It took work, and I never got SWAT as high as I wanted to, but we soon became a stable, top 8 army when we were a SMAP top 6 army before. I am not taking credit for our rise, my troops deserved the credit. I ended up leading SWAT through war with the Underground Mafias Army (who I am currently leading), and we crushed UMA with over 25 soldiers online, unscheduled on Outback. We fell in the war though, and UMA won.

I want UMA to get even better than my SWAT. We need to get 35 every day. Here are a few pictures to remind you guys of our past glory:






No one deserves glory more than us, and it does not matter if you hate me or if you hate the other leaders. But what does matter is us being united in reaching the top. NOTHING must get in our way. Do you guys always want to be in a low large size army, or a world power army that will  never fall? All that it requires is a little work. But I must ask this question:


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