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The 2014 U20 Summit

Last year, the Underground Mafias Army held the first ever U20 Summit. It was a meeting with the purpose to bring armies together on a grand stage in order to make and discuss laws (just as the CPA Council did). The attempt that was made last year wasn’t very successful, being as it had many flaws. Those flaws, however, have been fixed. It is now the right time for us to look at ourselves, and correct past mistakes. With the combined insight of the leaders of CP Armies, we can surely make something good out of this year’s attempt. Read on for more information regarding the 2014 U20 Summit, hosted by the UMA, and more specifically, Mach.

What is the U20 Summit?

The U20 Summit is a meeting that is held between many different armies. Representing those armies are their very own leaders. During the U20 Summit, many issues are discussed, and we work towards solving the problem as a community. In the first U20 Summit, their were many issues. These issues have been taken care of with a system of regulations for any armies attending this meeting.

What rules are in place for this year’s U20 Summit?

For the U20 Summit this year, several rules and regulations were created in order to prevent any problems for this year’s event. Here are some of the rules that will be in effect during the meeting:

  1. A maximum of 3 representatives per army will be permitted. If any more appear, then they will be dismissed from the meeting.
  2. No vulgar or inappropriate language/behavior will be allowed. This is because we want to keep the U20 Summit as professional as possible.
  3. Debating the issues is definitely allowed, but if the argument goes too far, the issue will be passed over for another time or completely dismissed.
  4. By attending the U20 Summit, you official agree that any laws elected with a majority of support (even if you do not like the law), will become in full effect in your army.If you fail to obey any of the laws set, you will be subject to punishment by all other armies, and you will lose any stance as an “army” among the rest of the attending armies.
  5. We will review any and all suggestions during and before the meeting. If you have a very long suggestion during the meeting, we highly recommend posting it into a pastebin document, or a post on your website.
  6. Streaming this meeting in any way, shape, or form such as using screen share tools or Twitch/Youtube live streaming services is not allowed and is punishable by the same things listed in Rule #4. Anything released afterward is fine, but anything DURING the meeting is completely confidential.
  7. Even if you lead one of the armies that was invited, if you do not accept your invitation in time, you won’t be allowed to attend ,therefore I recommend that you take the opportunity to accept invitations as soon as possible.
  8. Representatives from CPAC (2 permitted), SMAP (1 permitted), and SMAC (1 permitted), may attend this meeting. This is because if they wish to publish a post regarding the meeting AFTER the meeting, they will have first-hand experience of the meeting.
  9. If you weren’t invited, you can still request to attend if you lead a legitimate army. This means that troll armies, brand new armies, and dead armies will not be allowed. There will be a form in which you can sign up your army if it was not invited. Even if you do lead a legitimate army, you might not be accepted.
  10. Despite UMA’s refusal to recognize the Light Troops of CP as an army, they will still be invited to the meeting. Enemies of the UMA are also allowed to attend this meeting, as this is an outreach (not an attack).

Who is invited to the U20 Summit? The following armies are invited to the U20 Summit. As stated above, these aren’t the only armies that can attend, as their will be a sign up sheet for armies that WERE NOT invited. To accept an invitation, post a comment below or notify a UMA Leader that you will be attending. [Note = [★] means that they are attending]. Hard to read names (yellow & white) are written in default color.

  • [ ] Dark Warriors
  • [★] Golden Troops
  • [★] Army of CP
  • [ ] Light Troops
  • [ ] Ice Warriors
  • [★] Chaos
  • [★] Purple Republic
  • [★] Special Weapons and Tactics
  • [★] Nachos
  • [★] Doritos
  • [★] Golds
  • [★] Metal Warriors
  • [★] Celts
  • [ ] Redemption Force
  • [ ] Club Penguin Air Force
  • [★] Soda Pop Army
  • [★] Elites
  • [ ] Rebel Penguin Federation
  • [ ] Rockstars
  • [ ] Royale Penguins
  • [★] Fort Ghost Recon
  • [ ] Rare Penguins
  • [ ] Club Penguin Mafia
  • [ ] Guardian Penguins
  • [ ] Galactic Empire
  • [★] Water Ninjas
  • [★] Water Troops

My army isn’t here, how do I sign up?

You can sign up your army using the following contact form. Only use this form if you ARE NOT on the invited list. If you are on the invited list, ignore this part of the post.

Where and when is the U20 Summit?

The following is the official information regarding where and when the U20 Summit will be occuring. If you are a leader of one of these armies, and feel that your army might not be able to attend to this meeting due to the time it is taking place, please leave a comment telling us so, and we may move the times.

[Friday] July 18th, 2014


[Eastern] 4:00pm

[Central] 3:00pm

[Mountain] 2:00pm

[Pacific] 1:00pm

[Greenwich] 9:00pm

Why should my army attend the U20 Summit?

Your army should consider attending the U20 Summit because it is what we hope to be the largest gathering of armies since the CP Army Council meetings. By attending, you can help solve many various issues that surge throughout the CP Army community. We can go over problems with servers, wars, alliances, leaderships, and old unused laws. With your help, we can bring change to this community. You might think that this will be useless like the CPA Council, or the previous U20 Summit, but if the armies that attend follow through with this, and recognize the rules of this meeting, then we should make a change that will last much longer than past attempts.

What can I do to help the cause of the U20 Summit?

Spread the link of this post to all army leaders, and convince them to sign up if they haven’t already. Inform people who lead armies that weren’t invited to sign up for this event. If you work for CPAC, SMAP, or SMAC, write a post about the upcoming U20 Summit, which will help bring attention to the event. Most importantly, accept the invitation that your army was given (if you lead an army that was invited). If you lead an army that wasn’t invited, please scroll up and request to come if you have not already done so. Thank you for reading this post, considering (or accepting) the invitation, or requesting to be invited.


-=+UMA Leader//U20 Summit Host+=-

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