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What to do?

Hello everyone, I’m here to tell you what we have to do as an army to fix this mess. We got 8th on SMAP, which is disgusting to begin with, but we also got into a war with ACP which thankfully has been called off. But the point is, everyone including myself is lazy. No one recruits. Absolutely no one. And it’s time to change that.

Blake, RPF’s leader made me his personal advisor for some time. I made him into an illiterate leader to someone who has the potential to work with an all star squad and make an army number 1, just like GT. Now, you’re probably asking, why is RPF lower then UMA then if he has this potential? And that’s because he’s the only one working and autotyping.

The point of the last paragraph is, making an army rise is a group effort. Not one person can pull it off. I know Nice occasionally autotypes, but that’s all we do. Everyone has to stop with their chat recruiting BS unless it’s absolutely necessary. We NEED to autotype. If you want UMA to continue to rot then continue to not autotype. But we need to establish something between the leadership. We need recruiting squads. We need change. And our leadership CAN make desired change. It’s only a matter of weather we want to do it or not. And quite obviously we don’t want to. But that’s what needs to be changed. We’re gonna change it.

Basically, what I want to make clear is making an army rise in the modern day is a group effort. Don’t rely on my to make UMA rise, rely on yourselves. We can easily change UMA if everyone’s willing to co-operate and make us rise. I’m hoping to organize something so that we can officiently autotype together. But for now, hang in there.

~Step, UMA Leader

UMA in a nutshell



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