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The Machado Manifesto

My message is to the Club Penguin Army community, and anyone else who cares to linger and read this. I want to share with you all the goals and ambitions, the failures and disappointments, and my story which I have already passed, and the story I want to come true within the Underground Mafias Army. I joined this army in 2010, as the rank of 5th in Command (2nd highest mod). I, for several months, was exposed to some of the most distasteful, inappropriate, and disgusting behavior that I had ever seen. I wasn’t treated very well at all, and in fact abused by several owners for weeks and months. I finally became an owner after 4 months of being a mod rank. At this point in time, I was still mistreated, but not as frequently as before. I finally became a leader about a month later, and I barely remember anything out of it. For several years, I have racked up a total of 15 separate leaderships in the UMA, and they aren’t exactly works of art. But, I learned a lot of things being in the UMA for 4 years. The change that is so always yearned for is almost never made. Anyone who is in the UMA, or was in it knows that this is our home. No matter what is thought by anyone, we all share the common bond, even if we hate each other. That is why on this day, July 5th, 2014, I declare the true freedom of the Underground Mafias Army. Our liberation from the things that held us back. Our banal attempts at changing, the useless compromises, and settling for little to nothing at all. Please proceed reading if you aren’t already in the main post. The Underground Mafias Army of Club Penguin, for the longest time, has needed a change. A system in which she is self reliant, and a system in which those apart of her love it, cherish it, and keep it going. All of our veterans see the problem, and we know all the possible solutions, but we need the confidence, the drive, and the people to do it. We need to get organized, and with that we need to recruit. We need people who genuinely wish to aid us in our mission for success. Who is to say we aren’t deserving of the greatness other armies have reached? What is to stop us from achieving our final wish. To for once, be the definition of greatness. I want not to achieve greatness for myself, but for this army as a whole. I care too much about the UMA to have it be forever known this way. What do we have to do to achieve the things I am stating right now? This is going to be hard, but we need to recruit people. Not just random people from club penguin, but people who have experience. Only people who care to help  an army rise. Anyone who wants to join us for a rank and not to contribute to our cause doesn’t deserve to ever be called a UMA soldier. To accomplish this, not only do we need to recruit, but we need to train. Surely there will be bumps in our path, and this journey may take weeks, months, or even years, but we will overcome it. If every single one of you reading this posts brings yourself to the mercy of this plan, then we, as a unit, as an army, as a brother (and sister) hood, can do this. All of us together, as one, united, unbreakable union. I want to tell anyone reading this post that if you aren’t already in this army, I am offering you the opportunity to join us today, tomorrow, next week, or whenever suits you the best. Look at this army, and tell me in your entire honesty, if we have lived to the potential that is available for all armies. If you answered yes to this, you are most likely mentally unstable. I want to make a checklist, to be completed in any order, and even though some of these may seem ridiculous, anything is possible.

  • I want this army, the UMA, to become the number one spot on CPAC. So many armies have done it. It’s embarrassing, being one of the oldest armies in existence, and to have never hit this number. In the Summer of 2013, we came very close, coming in at 2nd place for 2 weeks in a row. Let’s beat it.
  • I want people to recite UMA as one of the few armies that can truly be considered excellent. Whether its an army you love or hate, it’s obvious which ones have done legendary things and shown said excellence.
  • I want the UMA to live up to the word “consistency”.
  • I want us to win a CPAC tournament. In all our years, we’ve never won a single CPAC tournament. Whether it was a Legends Cup or a Christmas Chaos, we were either not alive or not strong enough to win. I want us to reverse the trend, I want us to be a victor.
  • I want to one day see the UMA considered the top dog in CP Armies. This doesn’t necessarily include being number one, but it means showing dominance against all odds, and against all opponents.

Are these goals truly obtainable? Yes, they are. And how do I know this? Let me name a few armies who have done these things before:

  • ACP
  • Nachos
  • Doritos
  • Ice Warriors
  • Dark Warriors
  • Golden Troops
  • Night Warriors
  • Army (of the) Republic
  • Rebel Penguin Federation

These armies, during there greatest times, and some even during weak times, showed excellence and achieved some of these things I want the UMA to one day do. Because nothing is impossible, especially if someone has done it before. But now, I call upon you, the people of the CP Army community, to join us. Not to stop us or to weaken us or to hinder us, but to aid us. Whether it is by joining us in full, or helping out at events, or even offering tips to our brand new leaders, who have never led UMA until now, and are worried. Why are they worried? Because they have been left a hunk of garbage, but have been given the promise that inside this pile, there is a glimmering jewel that they are commanding. Can we do this, everyone? Because I think we can. Please, do what you all know is the right thing to do. Because in the end, we cannot do anything by ourselves. There are people out there who have the ability to help us, but refuse to do it. Maybe they want a certain rank, or maybe they want recognition. The truth is that the only thing we can give you is open arms, accepting you, and anyone else you may know of. Whether you are straight, homosexual, Atheist, Christian, Islamic, Muslim, Hebrew, American, Chinese, Canadian, English, French, German, or even South African, there is a place here for you. There will always be a place for you here. Not because we are desperate, but because we are fair. We will become legendary. But what exactly makes an army legendary? It’s a confusing question, at least in my mind, but it is still one that is worthy to be asked. This is something worth thinking about, at the very least. Let’s show everyone in this Club Penguin world that we are truly amazing, and there won’t be anything to prove us otherwise. Thank you all for reading this post, and thank you if you have decided to join us. It is up to to you if you want to join us, but if you do, you can reach our CHAT and JOIN PAGE by clicking on those links, which have been made simplified for your convenience. Once more, thanks for your time, and I want to leave you all with a little reminder. Great things that are wished for, and worked for, can be achieved. However, with that said, the more people who work towards a goal, the more likely that goal can become a reality. This will not be “my” reality, this will be OUR reality. Our story is too unfortunate to be ended here. Let’s do one of the greatest things ever done in the history of Club Penguin Armies. Let’s make UMA’s great dream come true.

MachUMA Leader and Legend

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