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Activating The Recruiting Force

Hello UMA,

I was promoted to Leader of the Underground Mafias Army (UMA) last night, and my first plan of action is to get some new blood in this army. I will be personally activating our recruiting force on both cp and xat. Here is a little guide on different ways to recruit:

Xat Recruiting

This is by far one of the most popular ways to recruit, a way that I am quite known for.

To start off, go to xat.com/mirai xat.com/igloo xat.com/riffy888 xat.com/riffytracking xat.com/oldcp xat.com/monchocho or what ever chat has the most people from Club Penguin. Do not advertise in main chat, try to recruit mods or owners, or recruit while a mod or owner is on the chat, oh and don’t recruit people who are speaking a language that is not english.

You start off by PRIVATE CHATTING a guest on the chat, and do something like this:


If they come to the chat, give them a guide on UMA and get them to comment on our join page. Let them know about when all the soonest events will be, and friend all new recruits to get them to come to the chat when it is almost event time.


This is probably the most popular way to recruit as of today, and it is said that Nachos Legend, Person1233, used this method to get hundreds of recruits for the Nachos. To download the autotyper, go to http://www.garyshood.com/rsclient/ and click the button that is shown in this picture below:


It might lead you to a Adfly advertisement, just click the big, yellow “SKIP ADD” button and this should show up:


Click “Save File” and it will save it in your downloads. Open up Screenshot_123

and click “Run”.

This will then show up, and click “Auto Typer”.


Then log on Club Penguin on an account that is not your main account, as it might be banned, and go to a popular room like the Town, Forts, Dock, Stadium, Dojo, or the Plaza. And click add and start typing messages to lure recruits to our site/chat on this little screen:


If possible, please leave your auto-typer on at night when you are asleep, as auto-typing takes no work.

Penguin Lodge Recruiting

Go to http://penguinlodge.com/chat/ and select the “Tracker Chat”. This is one of the newer ways to recruit, but you can’t say links on Penguin Lodge or you get kicked off automatically, so click on a person on the user list, not at the top because those are the bots and staff. Like auto-typing or cp recruiting, lead them to the site.


This person was already in UMA, lol. Anyways, there is an example.

Recruiting Sessions

I personally believe that this is the best way to recruit, as they see about 20 UMA having fun on Club Penguin. We will go to the town on a 3-4 bar server and about 20-50 UMA will chant for people to look for UMA of CP. We will march through Club Penguin getting people to look us up, and then we will party in the Dance Club or the Pizza Parlor. A very effective way to get recruits.

There are many more ways to get recruits, these are just a few ways.

By the way, we have this event today:

July 4th – Friday

Training Session

Server: TBA || Room: TBA

12:00pm UK, 7:00pm EST, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST

I think I will make that into a recruiting session to get recruits. Anyways, see ya UMA.

Ryan, UMA Leader


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