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United We Stand

Hey UMA,

UMA, we stand on a brink of ice, shaking as we take the dive under the surface. It is true that UMA has never stayed in the top five for long, but there is one important thing that mean more to our Ownership and Leadership than top ten rankings. And that is the fact that we are a family, a lot of our people are long-lasting, and they always come back to UMA to find our glorious family. When we take that dive, we take it together. A lot of armies like the Light Troops, DCP, and RPF don’t have this quality, and this proves that no obstacle can destroy the fact that we are a family.

Think back to the Nacho War of April, 2014, guys. They stood up and crashed down on us, they were a top three army at time, we fell, we did not have an event in weeks. But we came right back up as not an army, but as a family. I would like to pay a tribute to several UMA Veterans that have always stood by us, no matter what.

Np3000-I can’t believe this guy is not a UMA Legend, he deserves it so much. He has always stood by us. After Wgfv retired from UMA in late 2011, everyone thought we would die, but he still led us on, keeping us in the top ten for weeks. War after war struck UMA, yet, he led us forward with Mach, Paco, Brownieman and Sarge. In the Summer of 2012, he helped new UMA leaders such as Coolster learn how to control the army. Over the years, he has always been our great advisor. And about a month ago, he rejoined UMA and is currently our Chief Of Staff.

Mach- Mach is one of UMA’s Legends, and he holds the record for the youngest leader ever to lead UMA, at age 10. If I am correct, he holds the record for leading UMA the most times (14 times) too. Many rebellions were planted against Wgfv, only to be headed off every time by Mach. He was leader of UMA in late 2011 with Np3000, and others. He was a Pioneer of UMA in early 2012 too, and leading UMA in UMA’s golden age with Wgfv in 2013. Those are only a few of his leaderships,  and he has never left our side in years. A true member of UMA’s family.

Neos- Who could forget about Neos? He is Wgfv’s best friend, and he was a spectacular leader during the Wgfv Era. While Wgfv was fighting to keep UMA in the top ten the whole entire era,  Neos helped him push through and break the barrier of the top 5. In the Summer of 2013, an era even bigger then the Wgfv Era was built by Wgfv, Daniel, Neos, Draco Joe, and many other leaders. They maxed out at 2nd in the top ten for weeks, and UMA declared war on ACP and caused them to crumble to 1st on SMAC, and 10th on CPAC. Neos is retired now, but he still serves his army as an advisor. He shall be remembered.

Coolster- He is one of the few people around from the Color Wars, but even more importantly to UMA, he was a soldier in World War III under the command of the UMA great, Pink Mafias. He was banished from UMA during the Wgfv Era (For reasons that I currently don’t know), and in the Spring of 2012, a army that he joined the same day for 2ic, merged into UMA, granting him UMA leader. Coolster, Zak, and Derek, created one of the greatest eras in UMA history. They were in the top four for a month straight, hitting 35+ sizes. At the start of the summer of 2012, they completely crushed Waterkid’s rising Pirates. The only war that UMA lost that summer, was the war against the Army of Club Penguin. Coolster is known for leading multiple UMA Rebellions, including a rebellion that resulted in the coup of Aaron. In early 2014, Coolster returned with Zak, leading to UMA being in the top ten for a month. They crushed SWAT (Which I highly wish he had not, because I was SWAT Leader at the time), only losing the battle of OutBack to a SWAT Defense Force led by Ryan. When him, Zak, and Draco Joe all left the army, UMA fell again.

I could of put many other people, so I am sorry if your feelings were hurt. But UMA has such a large and great family, that I can’t put them all. Jokes on the chat, having coffee in the coffee shop with Daniel and Niceguy. We are a family, and it is time to rise this family. If we work together, anything can happen. The question is: Are you with me guys?

2 Responses

  1. Yeah Mach didn’t lead UMA in the summer of 2013, that was me, he was only advisor, and he never was UMA pioneer in early 2012, he didn’t even lead, that was me aswell. Np is also a legend, all people on the hall of fame list are legends.

    • I did lead UMA at some point in 2012, I think it was really early 2012. I was also Prime Minister during summer 2013, which was kinda like leader, but even though I wanted to be leader, none of the leaders wanted me to be a leader.


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