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Sub Rosa

For six years, I had roses, and apologized to no-one.

Although I am sick of constantly having to write on this website, I feel that it is needed.

Over the past weeks I have tried to bend my resignation into something that would cement a more solid platform for the other leaders to lead on. I only wish you could see it from my perspective, that the actions I have dished out over the past few months were not meant to damage this army whatsoever. My intentions have been crystal clear: reform a stable empire. I know I am not the best person, but I never pretended to be. I never wanted my own selfish agendas to get in the way of this army at all, so I occasionally brushed them under the carpet so that nobody could see what I really though of others around me. I don’t care what people think of me because of one person, and that person is Wgfv. Now please, read on..

The red rose I am about to give you will be a security blanket. These words may not mean much now but when you look back on this post in the near future you will see what I mean. For years I have been in this army, and for years I have tried to prove a point to this community that the Underground Mafias Army is not an army that can be toyed with like a cat playing with a mouse. I believe that my point has been made, which means that my time is up and I now have to move on. But don’t mistake me UMA, please don’t. I’ll still be around.

My official retirement post will be posted sometime in August, so I ask CPAC not to post this resignation on their website as it would clutter up the keywords of my actual retirement.

I’m not writing this to make you feel sorry for me, I’m writing this because my point needs to be put out into the open for all to see.




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