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No Regrets, No Turning Back the Clock- Lild’s Retirement

Hello, UMA, times are tough in Casa de Lild, with family issues and I am heading into high school and if I want to even come close to go into the NBA it’s time to make basketball my prime focus, I mean, NCAA scouts look at you from your first game as a freshman to your last game as a senior, so it’s time to get ready for it.  I wish I didn’t have to do this to you guys again, but family comes first. My entire career in armies I have spent in UMA, well, nearly my entire career. I loved the UMA and the UMA loved me, so we went hand in hand.  Before UMA, well, I was an ACP, IW and UMA rogue, but I found ACP first and joined shortly after, which was in about September of 2009. Shortly after, I met my best friend Mach, in which we still goof off today. Mach and I have created so many armies, in fact, 15. We met many friends along the way, people like Youg3, Andrewha, Ironhide and yes, we even led an army with Pain. Our biggest army that we created was an army called the Fusion Warriors, maxing in the 15′s for a good month. We were considered one of the best and had knocked off the biggest army in the S/M Army community, which was the Red Rampagers, who were closer to low major top 10s than high SMAC top 10 sizes. The army had promising looks an had flashes of what would have been one of the most legendary armies if life hadn’t gotten in the way.

However, as I began in the FWCP, I was drawn to UMA, who I had remembered from my rogue days.  In late 2010, I began my journey in the UMA, and I have no regrets to this day. Anything I’ve done in this army, good or bad decisions, were meant to help us, and I know most of my choices have. In UMA, I met great people, such as Paco, NP, Mach, WG, Derek and Dan, all I consider best friends. All of the people I listed in the previous sentence helped me when I had led this great army all four times. Late 2011 was my first opportunity to lead the UMA, thanks to WG and Cas for promoting Brownie and I. However, things happened, I was talking to Harv, and WG was coup’d, which I still feel guilty about to this day. The UMA leaped from no where on any top 10 to the 7th to 4th range from late December 2011 to the end of January 2012, and I enjoyed myself. Our frontline consisted of Brownie, Viper, Wwe and I, with some help from Harv, and it was promising, however, it came to a chaotic ending. Everyone has haters, and then hater who are jealous and want to knock you off when you are on top, and mine was Sliper. He caused fighting in the leadership, mainly between Brownie and I, which caused me to retire, not to be seen until a year and a half later.

When I visited UMA in May of 2013, it was in shambles, no events in months and I was begged to return, in which I did. Harv tried to give the servers that UMA owned to the Nachos and Coolster had not been seen in days, so I took action and put myself in power, Mach and Coolster leading alongside me, but this was short lived, only lasting 2 weeks, in which all of us were inactive. Daniel (Eyes521) and WGFV had taken control of UMA and I had no where else to go, so I put the beef I had with WG on the side and assumed role as 2ic, but was eventually pronounced leader. During the summer of 2013 with WG, Dan, Joe, myself and many others, we destroyed ACP, causing them to drop into SMAC and steam rolled other armies such as RPF as well, forming a strong alliance with AR and renewing and strengthening our historic alliance with the Nachos. All things had come to an end, with WG back in boarding school, Dan going off to college and myself angry at UMA and joined AR, but retired after a month because of school, but returned for winter break, in which we maxed 25 and had promise, but again, school got in the way. Then, these two weeks came and boy have I had fun. Unfortunately, many sad things have come across my path in these last 6 months, such as the death of my little brother and my grandfather being diagnosed with prostate cancer have devastated me, so I must say goodbye:


I will forever love this army and cherish every last moment I have spent in this army, the good and the bad. I’ve stuck around through thick and thin, even though you didn’t want me around some times.

Neos: You were a great friend and went through some things kids shouldn’t experience in their lives, but you are amazing and have stuck by me.

Derek: Where do I start? I mean, I am so glad that you’ve stuck around, you are like a really racey cousin to me and I love you like family, I will seriously miss you.

Lootking: You’re a lovely man and hilarious. I remember you a little in 2010, but go to know you in 2013. You are a good friend and I thank you for all the laughs you’ve given me, good luck in life man.

Zak: You may have created WV, but you have so much UMA in you it’s not even funny. You are freaking hilarious and I will miss you, good luck with your music.

Kevin: You’ve been a friend of mine for years, and although you are never on xat and never wanna talk on XBOX, you are cool. I am HONORED to have given you your first ownership rank in CP armies, it was well deserved.

Coolster: I am glad I got to know you even though we were apparently in UMA together before, but before 2013, my memories of you draw a blank. Great leader, good personality and good friend. Whatever you do except for leading UMA rebellions is great and I support 100%.

Harv: I think you are certified insane, but a good friend though.

Trickster: I used you as motivation when you said UMA would die under Brownie and I, I guess it worked. Other than that, I think you’re a good guy and great leader, good luck in life.

Teh Pie (Spikeike9): I miss it when you talk, but when you do it’s always something  like, like sports. Good friend, and we go back all the way to APSA.

Brownieman7: APSA friend, led alongside me in UMA. Our friendship was a delight, most of the time, but we have moved on and patched things up, good luck in life.

Viper: Good friend, great leader and great sense of humor. You are one of the loyalist people I know, I don’t think you’ve even been in an army other than UMA. Best of luck to you.

Notru: You’re a funny guy and you’ve made us laugh for all these years. Leading alongside you last summer was enjoyable even though you joked around more than led.

Cas: You will always love UMA, even if you try and hide it, you still have UMA pride in you. Great friend, great leader, funny guy. You’re doing a great job for CPAC, keep up the great work.

Percyjacks: I’ve known you since your ACP days, and things haven’t changed really. You are still loyal to the armies you join and still funny. You are great guy and I thank you for all the years of friendship.

TealViolin: We go back, back all the way to 2011, that’s when I met you. You are nice and very funny, which is why I will miss you very dearly. Good luck pursuing your music career, I know you will make it big.

Talex: You were a Nacho most of your career, but when you think about, UMA and Nachos are practically the same. Funny man, great leader, amazing guy. Wherever you are I wish you luck.

NP3000: I am glad you are back, but I am bummed I can’t stick around. I love you like brother and respect you as a leader. You have always been loyal to UMA even though towards the end of your career you were known as an army hopper.  Good luck and catch you on XBL.

Paco; We go all the way back to 2009, and our friendship has been a fun one. I don’t think we’ve ever fought, just joked around, talked about sports and led an army together, You’re a great friend, catch you on XBL and FB.

Daniel: We go back, I mean, way back. It’s been 4 great years and you still haven’t changed. You are still a sociopath and a narcissist, but you’re our narcissist. You are a loyal man, an intellectual man, funny man, great leader and amazing friend. You’ve helped me through my issues and have given me advise and a thank you isn’t enough for that, but that’s all I can, and an I love you, bro.

Wgfv: I don’t see you as friend, I see you as a brother, someone who’s always been there for me. We go back to your 2010 leadership and have been friends most of the time since then. I thank you for all the support, the guidance and lastly the way you stick with UMA, good times or bad. That’s admirable, and I hope you never change. If you want my FB, get it from Dan, catch you on the flip side.

Mach: Where do I begin? 2009, we meet in ACP. 2010, we join UMA together. 2011, we create Fusion Warriors and lead them to pretty good sizes for us back then. The point is, we’ve been BROTHERS, not best friends, for 5 years. FIVE FUCKING YEARS MAN! I love you and I respect you and I will miss you when I leave and never turn back. You are a great brother and cheer me up when I’m down. For now, let’s just chill out and do Team Ching Chong lol.

Army Republic

A second home to me, maybe I liked you because you reminded me of the UMA I was in when I held no power at all and it was simple and fun, but I genuinely met great people who have joined us today.

122344a: Awesome friend, awesome leader, just plan awesome. You gave me a home in AR when I was angry with UMA, and I thank you. I don’t talk to you anymore and I miss your jokes. You rarely go on xat, but when you do it’s all fun.

Buritodaily: I didn’t always like you as much as I do now, in fact I thought you were an odd ball. But, you grew on me and I respect you as a friend and leader. I am so glad you joined, I don’t know how to thank you. Thank for all your help, buddy.

Candy/Proteus/Fury: Great guy, I saw myself in you, maybe that’s why I like you so much. You are funny guy and were a great leader. I am glad you joined the UMA and hey, maybe you can lead them as well. Good luck in life young padawan.

Vinny: You were UMA first, but you got legend because of your work in AR, so I’ll let it slide. I am glad we got to become good friends and just hang out and laugh. Talk to you on XBOX sometime man.


Bluesockwa1: It’s great to have a friend that you can just joke around with and have to be serious, and you’re that friend. You’re great at what you do with CPAC and you are funny as hell.

Jessie: Good friend, and you took care of the homie Mach when I was gone for a year and a half. I don’t talk to you as much but I miss you and your jokes.

Gar101: You are loyal when you want to be and you have great potential, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are a funny guy and a great journalist, good luck in life

Spi101: Good friend, funny guy. You are a great leader and I respect great leaders. I wish you the best of luck.

Freezie: Good friend, great leader. People make it out to be like you have a bad rep, but don’t listen to them. You’re legend material, trust me on this one.

Whoever I missed I apologize, but there are so many people who have helped me over the years.

I am no Pink Mafias, no Trickster, Wgfv or other legend, but I have done all I have been able to do in this community, largely thanks to my friends and the people who have helped me. I have left an impact and mark in this army, whether people like it or not.

For the last time as acting leader of the UMA

This is Lild saying goodbye and FIGHT THE BAD

7 Responses

  1. *salute* Goodbye, old friend.

  2. Had no idea who you were at first. Than once UMA and AR became allies you were the only one I talked to. I’m going to miss your jokes or tips on leading that eventually helped me become stronger as a leader. I hope you visit and it is sad to see you go. Goodbye lild.

  3. […] FLURRY, UMA Empire- After serving in the Underground Mafias Army for quite some time, Lild, former UMA Chief of Staff, has decided to retire from his favorite army. His full retirement post can be found here. […]

  4. I wish we talked more than we did but you were always a really great guy and were always loyal to the armies you took part in and I’ve enjoyed spending time with you in armies, laughing at all kinds of stupidity. Have a great time and best of luck in life; I hope to talk to you now and again.

  5. Damn bro didn’t think you’d be retiring anytime soon. Ever since we met in RT we’ve had a great friendship. Time sure does fly. Just remember to keep your dick out of toasters 😉

  6. You’re my brother man, and seeing you go brings water to my eyes, not crying, i’m manly *wary*, but I am sure that no matter what you do, it will be amazing and probably hilarious. We’ve done a lot of things together, whether it was leading 10 small armies or making all the trouble we possibly could on every army chat imaginable. When I joined CP Armies, I wasn’t sure I would like it all that much, and at first it seemed boring. But when we met, it was fun. We were HUGE noobs, and got into our first fight about a silly marshmallow ghost background for one of our old armies.

    We’ve known each other through 5 years. The past year was tough for you, going through lots of personal things, but you got through it, because you are strong, and you will stay this way. If you dare change, I’ll smack you. Keep being the unique, funny, sometimes stupid, Mexican, Black, Chinese, trolley, friendly person that you are.

    Let’s promise to never forget the amazing times we’ve had together, and to cherish those memories. Good luck with everything you do in life, and have fun doing it. Keep moving forward, and don’t look back. You are the train on the tracks of life. Good luck in High School, and I hope you get drafted to the HEAT, MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Your bro, Mach


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