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Ultimatum Directed to the Light Troops


Earlier today it was brought to my attention that your leader, and I do use that term loosely, accused me of multilogging. Within this post you will find not only my response, but a direct ultimatum to the soldiers of the Light Troops. Proceed with caution, harsh language will be used.

Before I begin, let’s dismantle this accusation about me:

Alright, Wg.

We had a deal, and you broke it. Therefore, I shall release a picture of this (this happened at our defense of Half Pipe)

What was the deal? We stop the war, the picture won’t get leaked. Looks like a certain homosexual doesn’t understand how deals work, so now I just have to release this picture. You were lucky, I would’ve gave this to CPAC straight away, however the war was becoming boring so I accepted the deal, but you just had to break it.

Point 1 – Logic

First off, I do not multilog (proof of that later). Nor would I ever say that I did, especially to you. Would I honestly have let that slip? No. However, these are just my words, so I will let these pictures do the talking.

Point 2 – Comparison Tests

Chat Comparison – Provided by Boomer20

As you may have assumed, after the claim was made many people began to investigate your picture Water. Boomer was able to find this difference.

Click HERE to enlarge

Name Comparison

You claimed I multilogged on June the 20th. However, that same day Blue2 asked me to cover the LT/UMA war for CPAC. I happened to take a picture in case I had posted and people accused me of writing about my own army.

What is the relevance of this? Quite simple it shows you got my damn name wrong. 

Color comparison  – Click HERE to enlarge

Point 3 – I don’t multilog. At all.

During the day you accused me of multilogging it just so happens that the game was bugging out. Therefore to show the troops I took a picture of what it looked on my screen. You will see two things. First, you will I only have Google Chrome open. Second, you will notice the date is correct.

Click HERE to enlarge

The Ultimatum to the Light Troops

Your leader is a liar, a hypocrite, a troll (a poor one at that), and an embarrassment to all the work you have done. The Light Troops used to be a feared and great army once. Now you are a laughing-stock of the community. Buy whatever bullshit Waterkid feeds you, but know this. I’m not fucking ending this war. You may call me a “faggot” as long as you wish. You may think you are getting under my skin, but you aren’t. I won’t end this war until Waterkid is out of power from the Light Troops. In case there was a lack of clarity let me repeat.


You think I’m going to just stop after I invade your servers? Afraid not. I will make it my duty to make sure UMA interferes in every god damned event you have. If what I heard is true and you plan to retire at the end of Summer, you will have one hell of a Summer to fight through.



2 Responses

  1. Hahaaha I’ve never seen a fraud like waterkid

  2. wg, you’re getting angry and btw why should water lie for a CLUB PENGUIN army? lmaoooo


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