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Lacerating a Mangled Nation

Another edit: The Light Troops are “invading” Frozen and Frostbite today. However, they gave no prior warning than when when they posted it – 4 hours ago.  Their invasions are null.

Edit: Given the most recent revelations of the Light Troops and their multilogging, we have to take the moral high ground and be on our tiptoes. Any multilogging penguin you see that was mentioned in CPAC’s post against LT should be reported to a UMA leader immediately. They clearly can’t play fair because they know they will be beaten at their own game.. Pitiful

Admonishing the Light Troops has been one of our primary goals for the past week now. I strongly believe that we should stick to our guns and press forward. The more we deflate the LT Empire the more they will grow tired of logging on to battle us. I for one will not succumb to their disorganized nation of hypocrisy and boisterous owners who have a tendency to slip the extra multilog into a battle. Though LT may bang their firsts against their chests and cry like infants and call me out on these claims, I see no reason justifying myself to the very people who slipped up and got caught multilogging themselves.

Now for the Invasions — But before I get into the details I do believe that you (LT) should read this, because you clearly don’t understand the concept of following the invaders. You will follow the traditional invasion rules that are set, and you will abide by the no ally rule. Another thing would be that you should start showing up to these invasions yourselves instead of hiding behind your allies. And if you decided not to acknowledge us, then you have just proven to yourselves that you’re not the “mighty” army you claim to be. It would also make our job a lot easier to invade your servers if you choose to ignore us. Good luck Light Troops, you’re going to need it.

I would also like to mention that Waterkid said so himself that LT’s nation isn’t 100% accurate. I’m taking a total disregard to this and invading all of the servers on LT’s nation page anyway so that once we have invaded all of them we can put this war to rest and move onto more important things.

Click “Read More” for Invasions

Saturday – June 21st [UK EVENT]

Invasion of Crunch

Server: Crunch – Room: TBA

11:30pm UK Time

6:30pm Eastern Time

5:30pm Central Time

4:30pm Mountain Time

3:30pm Pacific Time


Saturday – June 21st [US EVENT]

Invasion of Yeti

Server: Yeti – Room: TBA

12:30pm UK Time

7:30pm Eastern Time

6:30pm Central Time

5:30pm Mountain Time

4:30pm Pacific Time


This will be the final dent in the Light Troops nation. As always I am expecting a good turnout at each and every one of these events. I don’t know if the Light Troops are going to acknowledge our invasions, but that doesn’t matter as if they don’t show up they will only make things easier for us. I’ve also made the Invasions friendly for both divisions because I know you all want to plant Light Troops 20ft under.


One Response

  1. I will most likely attend both events, but I might not be able to make the event on Crunch


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