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The Story of Waterkid


Once upon a time, there was a very strange penguin named Waterkid. Waterkid didn’t know how to read, write, waddle, sit, or even breathe. This was why he was recruited by the Pirates. The Pirates, with all time personal best sizes of 5 on 5 bar servers with multi logs and bots, were surging in the smac top 50. But then, Waterkid decided he wanted to be the leader, so he asked nicely. When rejected, he put his foot on the then-leader’s face, instantly killing him. And then, he became Pirate’s Leader…

As the leader of the Pirates, he got pretty good sizes. One day, he set a Pirates world record. On Month Day Year, the Pirates maxed 10+ on Club Penguin, being the only SMAC army to take 2 years to achieve such sizes.

Waterkid retired after having such a great personal success. He went on to be a peasant in the Glorious Revolutionary Republic of the Black Alliance. Then he left and became an ACP troop.

Many months later…

Waterkid began the role of turning 10 years old. The first step in his quest was to lead an army that had decency. He immediately eliminated SWAT from armies he could accomplish this in. Then, he joined the Fascist Republic of the Light Troops. He then became Chancellor Water Skid, and was now the dominant for the LT. But he had three things on his mind.

  1. Have a friend
  2. See real life money
  3. Attack an army for no good reason

He knew however, that 1 and 2 were probably never going to happen, so he skipped on to 3. To attack an army for no good reason. He looked around the army community, and found one of the most legendary armies in existence. They weren’t at their best, and were rebuilding after months of weakness and a civil war. This army is the Underground Mafias Army, or the Peoples Greater and Almighty Umannian Republic of the United Servers of Club Penguin.

Dear UMA,

My name is Waterkid, and I am so low as to attack you guys, a struggling army, for no reason at all. Even though we are a Top 5 army, and it may be considered bullying, I think it is perfectly logical to attack you guys. Also, you are all gay, huehuehuehue!1!!11!1!!!!


The war that Waterkid started is still going on, and despite all of Waterkid’s pathetic and futile attempts, most of the victories have been that of the Peoples Greater and Almighty Umannian Republic of the United Servers of Club Penguin.

7-2, lol br0

And this, is the story of Waterkid. Today, we honor his 10th birthday. Congratulations, Adebori Adebowale, or whatever the hell your name is!

-Kimberly Jonathan Un

UMA Minister of Propaganda and Panda Preservation

P.S. – Nice allies…

4 Responses

  1. shots fired

  2. LOL.

  3. The amount of multi loggers is too damn high!


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