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Silhouette suit, imperial-like march, all to the sound of the drums that Waterkid can’t hear because he’s stuck behind a wall of delusion.

You guys think you’re winning the war, when you aren’t. All you’re doing is just getting help from people in CP Armies for your defences. The Light Troops have REAL troops, this is why we’ve been in the Top Ten for pretty much the whole year so far. What about UMA? You guys were no where to be seen in May, or even April. You guys are nothing compared to the Light Troops, so have fun with your sizes while it lasts, because as soon as this war is over, you guys will be back to getting 5 on Club Penguin, whereas we’ll continue being a Large army.

Alright, alright, simmer down. We think we’re winning the war? First flaw detected. Let me correct that for you. No, Waterkid, we are winning the war. I don’t see where you’re coming from if I’m honest with you, first you’re all “pro” multilog and want all of your owners to multilog for LT to fortify your sizes, and next, you jump to conclusions and presume that we’re multilogging just because we’re beating you. Where does the logic tie down here? It doesn’t because it’s loose, and there is nothing anybody can do to make you see sense. You’re so wrapped up inside of your own little bubble you can’t see that you’re being beat by an army that is bigger than you. And while your only comeback is ‘we’re a higher spot than you in the top ten’, you seem to be forgetting that the only reason you got a decent position in the Top Ten is because you feel the need to multilog yourself.

Oh boy, now you’re going to start playing the whole dead card? Alright then. Let me compare the amount of times the Light Troops have shut down to the amount of times the UMA have shut down. I would say roughly around 4-5 times. As for the UMA, we haven’t shut down once. We have pressed on and haven’t lost hope. Water you have to keep in mind you shut down the Light Troops just because Spiderguy quit.

We are nothing compared to them apparently. We should be comparing their sizes to ours at this rate, considering they fail to achieve decent sizes at events. It’s also pretty funny how you’re pulling up old events, Waterkid. I mean that was the past, and this is the present, and in this present day the UMA are obliterating LT. I also can’t forget to mention the use of Pirates and SWAT in your invasions, which only adds to the claims made against you.

Please continue to claim victory in battles you got owned in as it makes us all laugh.



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