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Invasion of Outback [UK]

Pretty much sums up our facial expressions as LT decided to scatter.

After the defence we logged on to Outback to capture the server from the Light Troops empire. Sadly, none of them showed and we were stuck at the town doing tactics for 20 minutes. This all paid off and I am extremely proud of you all.

You don’t own it? But it’s on your Nation page, Waterkid.

I think we can all agree that Waterkid needs to head on down to his local-opticians and get a pair of glasses fitted on his face. Waterkid, you trying to crawl out of the Invasion only makes yourself look like a complete and utter pleb.


LT claims Outback

Clear cut proof that you claim Outback.

Burr smashing Waterkid into a virtual wall.

What’s even funnier about this is that LT’s nation is virtually nothing if he has been “lying about the servers they own”. Like Burr said, we can just claim victory over you right now and be done with you. But we wont. I think everybody in UMA can agree that this has been the most funniest war of the year so far. I bet you’re wondering why too. It’s because all of your owners have this tendency to claim victory over every server they invade and “defend”. You taught them well, but you didn’t teach them well enough. I mean just look at our pictures, it’s proof that you’re unable to sustain decent sizes without multilogging.

Waterkid logic

Even though they claim that every single server we have invaded thus far isn’t theres, they still decide to post the results of the battle on their website anyway. Absolutely amazing! Waterkid you have honestly made our night, not because of your bouts of rage, homosexual insults, but because of your pure stupidity. Thanks for the laugh man, you can sleep well tonight knowing you have made UMA happy.

Anyway, enough of my muttering. Here are the pictures.








4 Responses

  1. Damn waterkid got cut and he has no comebacks,lel

  2. its a fucking practice server we dont own it retard


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