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Ausia division changes.

Hello UMA,

Once again we come to this point when our ausia performs so good and then it just dries down the drain please continue reading as now we are going to change a few things. 

I would like to make this post not too long and make my point clear which is that during me being on a 6 day holiday the leader which was in charge completely failed. Last invasion when I was there that very same leader was very happy with himself  for calling on some people for the invasion and later on begging for credit. That pretty much describes how his leadership is, perform well one day then take bags of credit and sleep peacefully and does not even care about the next invasion.

I have never wanted to be harsh but it is important for the army and so I must be when ausia does bad I am the one who gets shouted at because I am the division head as the division head I can easily make decisions of firing,demoting or shouting on any ausia owner/leader which I never do. Looking at our past we have had ausia leaders which were not even experienced or responsible enough. I do not understand why is a rank like leader just thrown away to anyone in sight?

From now on until I am the division’s head no one will be made leader if they do not have these qualities:

  • Loyal
  • Responsible
  • Mature
  • Experienced

Cheedu is the ausia leader who skipped 2 events and 1 invasion in absence of me I am sorry but you are not good enough for leading and therefore you are demoted to 2ic you need to work harder, working hard for one hour and then asking for credit is not good remember here we first work for the army then for ourselves it shows when you work hard you do not have to beg for it.

May ausia do better now with the replacement leader accompanied by loyal owners and any owner not doing good this time will be demoted or fired I wont hesitating in doing so I have many options for replacements so say goodbye to your gold owner pawn if all you wish to do is come to chat for sleeping and talking

We have a invasion tomorrow make sure to attend.




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